Vermont starts out as New Conneticut


The convention’s delegates included Vermont’s future governor, Thomas Chittenden, and Ira Allen, who would become known as the “father” of the University of Vermont. Read the rest at: #VOR


Wow… a bit of history I had absolutely no knowledge of… Thanks for that!


In response, frustrated Vermonters went so far as to inquire if the British would readmit their territory to the empire as part of Canada.

This explains why Vermont keeps re-electing Bernie Sanders. They’ve never wanted to be a part of the United States.


I was raised across the lake from Vermont. With the exception of Burlington (pretty much socialist/communist), they are fiercely independent, pretty much libertarian…of course we are 250 years past this event. There was much jockeying for power. One reason the constitution was written to give states equal footing so larger states wouldn’t rule the smaller ones.


I’ve got family outside of Woodstock, VT. I shot my first rifle in my Uncle’s backyard there - summers were spent offroading on the maple farm trails. You’re right, outside of Burlington it’s a very independent-minded and self-sufficient kind of place. Knowing the history this makes all the more sense.