Veteran charged in self defense


Oklahoma Veteran who shot meth crazed attacker was charged and has been fighting a four year legal battle and a possible 10 year sentence if found guilty.


He should have just shot both in the chest so there would be no subjective argument. Just two dead meth heads…

As a CCW holder, we are trained and advised to only draw our weapon if I or someone’s life is in immediate danger and to only shoot to kill, not shoot to wound.


That’s some bullshit. I thought Oklahoma had pretty decent gun laws?


The problem being the " experts" are saying he shot him in the back of his leg therefore could not have been advancing toward him with a broken bottle . He says he shot him in the front and the bullet exited the back of his legs . The true facts of the entry and exit will determine self- defense or assault .


This of course is the problem with kneecapping someone because you don’t want to take a life. It is sad really that you have to literally kill someone who has transgressed against you just to stop the BS that follows…


Turlington has the ER photos and the nurses notes which state the bullet entered the front of the leg and exited through the back of the leg


These tweakers a will probably be awarded with a plaque for their bravery along with a lifetime prescription to opioids…


George Soros will probably give them a promotion within the ranks of Antifa too.


And the problem being ,
“Investigators determined the bullet entered Philpott’s leg from the back side,” Sheriff Moore said…


They are covering for the perp because he’s an informer.