Violent Feral Thug Breaks into Home Near Cincinnati, Murders Woman in Front of Her Kids


Feral Black Thug Murderer

Law enforcement in Sedamsville, Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati) say they’ve arrested a savage criminal accused of committing a brutal murder.

29 year old Adrian Harris broke into a home on the 700 block of Sedam Street where he encountered 29 year old Erin Marshall and her two young children.

The disgusting animal then panicked and shot Miss Marshall in front of the two small kids, and fled the scene of the crime.

One of the children picked up the phone and dialed emergency 911 crying for them to help save their mother.

Once emergency medical responders arrived to the scene they then transported Marshall to the University of Cincinnati Hospital where she was immediately pronounced dead upon arrival.

A relative to the family currently has the children in their home, who are both absolutely traumatized from witnessing their mother shot down in cold blood right before their eyes.

Law enforcement later apprehended Adrian Harris for the heinous killing and he’s now facing both a homicide charge and endangering children.

Harris went before a bond hearing on Saturday where the Judge set his bond at $3 Million in cash, saying that he’s an absolutely despicable creature and a threat to society.

Court records show that Harris will have another hearing in November assuming he doesn’t make the bail, and he’s to be housed in the Hamilton County Justice Center until that date.

Now these poor children will grow up without their mother and she will never get to watch her children grow, all over the actions of a violent and ruthless savage.



That could be Obama’s SON !! :laughing::laughing: So black man murders a white women in front of her children and there are NO massive media headlines stating race ? Why is it when a black is killed by someone “looking” white , remember Hispanics are white when blacks are harmed , that is in bold print , headlined and race is repeated multiple times in the first few sentences !


When crimes like this happen, and the alleged criminal is found guilty the family should get to take turns beating him to death while he’s restrained. The family should only be allowed to use common household items like baseball bats, household cleaners, and kitchen utensils. It should be deliberately slow and painful. The criminal’s family should be forced to watch - even if they are already in prison - which is likely.


Blacks are 27 times more likely to attack a White person than vice versa.

In comparison, Hispanics are 8 times more likely to attack a White person than vice versa.


Women need to stopped being surprised by intruders and start killing them the minute their foot crosses the threshold. I don’t blame this poor thing. I blame liberals for making women afraid of guns.


More guns are NOT the answer! We need to begin by teaching compassion and understanding for one another. Can you imagine being raised in such a harsh environment that you have to resort to stealing from someone? We need to bring everyone out of poverty! We need to teach love and respect to everyone! We don’t need more guns to do that!


Great advice. Now go find your friendly neighborhood gangbanger and go cuddle with him.


Yes she should have sent her kids to the room and give him a blow… That is where you seem to be going.


The conservative mind doesn’t think that way. Regard for life, ends at abortion, nowhere else do you see any advocacy. Spend ALL you want on gratuitous war and global occupation, but no tax dollars to help people up. You’re on your own.


You can say that but the fact is if this woman was armed and trained this thug would be in the ground and she’d still be standing.


That may be…


Actually there is plenty! We give it through our churches, donations of food, the Salvation Army… You do not see it because you choose not to see it.

It is left and right in DC that are warmongering not the people, but there again I do not see the conservatives saying let them cool down by destroying the city! It is not conservatives rioting like BLM and Antifa… It was the Dems who got the KKK going and are practicing limited genocide with Abortion… Sorry but you are just dead wrong and there is NO debate to that.

But you keep thinking that! What was this Dem supporting… What was his mind telling him? Kill!

Going by the demographics of murder… The dems and other leftists are the issue… FACT!


Well I’m satisfied that everybody thinks that of their opinion.


And the left wants to keep half the Nation dependent because it is so effective with their obsession with CONTROL !



How can one debate reality? It is or it is not! There is no perhaps in REALITY. You can not debate what is and claim it is not because we can see it is.


If you actually have something to say in response, say it instead of deflecting the conversation so you don’t have to…