Virtue Signaling. Exactly what describes liberals


This is exactly what they are. I would say getting into any debate with them is a waste of time. Just get them to prove that they are not what they claim they hate.

Meaning, ask them what they themselves are doing for the planet. Ask them if they are buying carbon credits. Ask them why they don’t ever call out Al Gore for his carbon footprint which is huuuuuge. Ask them why they did not call out Dicaprio why they call him out for renting a 500 foot 300 million dollar yacht from an oil tycoon from the ME after he lectured the world at the UN about THE global warming.

That is because that video describes most of them, with the exception of very few of them.


They need to get government to make everyone do what they want first, then they will do it.


They never question their own. That’s why guys like Leonardo Di Caprio can get away with being such hypocrites and never lose any support. The left is superficial and only cares about appearances.


We all know these a-holes are hypocrites and are great at putting these refugees in low income areas so they have to put up with all the crap that come with these refugees . The very same thing is happening in the USA , liberals claiming 40 year old male refugees are children . Just look at the mess in California homeless $hitting on the sidewalks and now Seattle passing a bill to ADD additional TAXING big businesses like Starbucks and Amazon to help the homeless . In the US it is all about getting those votes , they could care less were these people live or crap !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Theowl32 That is without doubt the best video I have seen in years! Kudos to INFOWARS for publishing it and to you for posting it! Thanks!