Wake Up America!


WaPo and CNN report that, according to some US intelligence sources, North Korea now has a miniaturized nuclear warhead. One that can fit in the nose cone of an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. One that he is planning to go far enough to reach the west coast of the United States.

If this doesn’t focus your attention in a laser-like fashion, you either don’t know what that means, you have not educated yourself on the reality of what this threat is or you’re too young to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The USA is busy updating its THAAD missile defense system, but it takes only one getting past us to absolutely ruin the day for San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and/or Seattle. And as the wind spreads the radiation and fallout, the rest of America - for a very long time.

After decades of basically ignoring North Korea’s research into miniaturization and missile technology (with copious help from China and Iran) Kim Jung Un believes the USA is a clawless Eagle. One that will rant and rave, but do nothing. And that means there is nothing to prevent him from becoming the greatest threat in the world. Unfortunately, he is has misjudged the current America as he is no longer dealing with pacifiers in the White House.

This is the most serious threat our country has faced since Kennedy stood nose-to-nose with Kruschev twenty-six miles from our Florida border …refusing to allow Russia to put nuclear missiles in Cuba.



Wow really, I think NK knows that if they ever try anything, They will be wiped off that map, literally.
So to think that they would just fire a missile at us, because they don’t like us - is reaching.
Maybe if we keep threatening NK, and back them into a corner - more then we already have - well then clearly you can see how anyone might react to threats.
IF you threaten to wipe them off the planet, don’t be surprised when they react.
We don’t have to force our CAPITALISTIC values on every culture, do we?

P.S. Oh, I seen Katz and Ziggy on another forum. Was going to try to get them here, but your not allowed post/talk about any other site on their forum.


Is it time to remove Executive Order 12333?

Assassination in American Policy and Law
In order to understand the nature and scope of the U.S. Federal ban on assassinations and the degree to which it restricts the military options of the President, it is necessary to examine the circumstances of its origin. Reading the language of the rule—now in effect as Executive Order 12333113—one could easily conclude that it prevents the United States from employing deadly force against foreign leaders. However, a legal and historical analysis of this document suggests that it is far less prohibitive than it might at first appear. It fails to actually bar state-sponsored assassination for two major reasons. First, in recent years the Order has been interpreted to allow the types of attacks against foreign leaders that the United States has typically favored. Second, an executive order does not have the force and immutability of law, and is subject to change by the President. As a result, Executive Order 12333 is not an effective legal obstacle to assassination, but rather is only a visible symbol of policy and a mechanism to ensure that the authority to initiate an assassination attempt resides with the President alone.114


I would begin with:
Kim Jong-un
Raul Castro
Nicolas Maduro




What you’re describing is absolutely Obama-esque. All it takes is for the United States to be considered weak by NK; then there is no reason for them to show restraint. Go back and review the Cuban Missile Crisis if you don’t believe me.

ANY weakness perceived by NK, they will exploit.

One other thing must also be kept in mind: We may be having to deal with the barking mad dog, but its owner is China. It is TO THEM that we must direct our real intentions.


I just heard the reports on my way home from work. This is some really scary stuff. I’m not sure that North Korea would abide by the MAD principle since that was based on mutual assured destruction…not a rogue state willing to destroy itself all to prove a point. In my view that as far more dangerous than an equally matched nuclear power.


No one be fooled.

This is a globalist agenda wrapped in something which is supposed to look like nationalism.

Both nationalist and globalist.


I believe you are right. They have been attacking everything that isn’t a capitalistic economy - since the inception of capitalism. IF your not with us - your against us.
Just like they lied about Libya, which was more of a democracy then America ever will be.


The scary part is precisely what @JustDifferent said. Is NKorea just the next shiny object to keep the US engaged in its own forever war?.. The question is, if it is backed by the globalist agenda, which I have no doubt that they have their fingers in the pie somewhere, Is Kim in that smoke filled room and part of the discussion? If not, he becomes an unknown, unknown with a rather unpredictable nature.

On the same day that the 9/11 commission report was released another, less known report was also made public. Little attention was paid to it by either congress or the press. it was a report on US readiness for an EMP attack or for that matter a severe solar event. It found the US to be totally unprepared, both militarily and commercially.

Kim is known to bluster with multiple rocket launches. Now that he has the ability to put rockets in to space, should he decide to fly rockets over the US in space, we would have little to say as our satellites and ISS travel over his territory regularly. Should Kim put up three missiles with relatively small nuclear devices and detonate them at the level of the ISS, over the east coast, midwest and west coast… Kim becomes glass, and the US goes back to the stone age.

We have no idea in a first strike by Kim, just how mush Russia and China would back him up to get rid of the US thorn once and for all…

Our time with this problem I fear is short but a first strike by the US falls right into the hands of the people who want to bring America to its knees anyway…

What do you do???


Democrats: “North Korea, you promise you won’t build nukes?”

N. Korea: “Yes, give us money.”

Democrats: “K.”

2017: “N. Korea has nukes.”


I agree… Didn’t even think about the angle of other countries. Clearly the US has made more “enemies” then allies. At least that can fight with them. Not only Russia, but we would have to deal with China. I know that America is the biggest world power. But I am not sure we can have a war with Russia, let alone China too, and the world come out in “one piece”.


Russia has never been a friend… when the cold war ended, everyone in the US threw confetti, Russia just got busy rebuilding its military with its new found oil wealth. We handed China, not only our jobs through shitty trade deals but we singlehandedly built their infrastructure and military with mountains of junk they sold us… I was in China about 3 months after Tienanmen Square… those people were scared to breath… even though now they are hyped up on propaganda, they are still scared to breath… China was never our friend…

I will say however, globalists are determined to get us in a conflict with Russia…


Sec. Tillerson said the important words to NK recently: “We do not intend regime change, we do not intend attack, we are not NK’s enemy.” (Words to this effect.)

The only real threat has been by Trump. Kim has only warned others against threatening N Korea. I’m guessing Kim will signal some willingness to talk soon, as they will be needing food assistance shortly.

It’s past time to negotiate an actual peace treaty to end the Korean War. What Kim wants above all is security guarantees.


What Kim wants above all is reunification of Korea on his terms… and he wants the US our of the way. If the US pulled out of Korea tomorrow… Seoul would be under attack the day after…


Unstable people should not threaten unstable people.


what???!?!!!?!?!? you’re gonna hafta explain that one.


Well I guess it’s time to kill some communists my friends


Wow, really… Sure, I believe this like I believed the WMD’s in Iraq, or the chemical attacks in Syria.
Nothing but a bunch of BS, NK just wants to be left alone, but America won’t stop - until as you say all communist are gone, and the world is one miserable Capitalistic Consuming Entity.


Do you not believe that they have a warhead? Or that they made this threat?


I think it is all lies and Propaganda. Of course NK doesn’t want to look like feeble people, so they will say what they think they have to - to try and keep America from destroying them.
Reality says they would be stupid to do anything, knowing that we could wipe them off the earth.
But I also know that if you keep threating someone and back them in a corner, then clearly they might not give a Fook.


A very similar thing is happening with the UK in Brexit. Nigel Farage’s attempt and desire to ‘take back’ UK independence from the EU and Globalist who run it, is an illusion. Oh, he thinks that he is somehow changing the motivation and direction of the UK but the globalists are still in charge and whether by formal membership with the EU or some other new treaty mechanism, Britain will still be part of the global central banking system and will still have its strings pulled by those pushing for a NWO.

Britain, like Trumps US will run into substantial headwinds in their success to look after their own national interests. The US for instance would be thrown into a recession, if not a depression by a major terror attack and a 2% rise in interest rates… all easily orchestrated against anything Trump may do. Notice Greenspan’s recent warning (Yes he still breathes) about over exuberance in the bond market?.. Globalist are still firmly in control and H.R. McMaster seems to be an inside man…