#WalkAway - Immigration


In a nutshell this taps into the apparent motive of the Democrats today. The Last time a Republican president took away their free labor of the Democrats an Actor killed him. A three letter resistance group was created the KKK. To cooerce blacks to seek shelter on the new plantation.

TRUMP has once again, taken away the Democratic Party’s Free-labor (and free votes) they have enjoyed for a very long time.

I fear for his life. We’ve already seen the violent resistance group that they’ve empowered, BLM
I think the only reason the Shadow Government hasn’t attempted this yet tells me that they are counting on their resist tactics to make some nutcase snap. How close are we to mass sedition, subversion becoming an insurrection? How do we nip this sh*t in the bud?


If Democrat voters read this tweet and then refuse to #walkaway, it’s proof that Democrat voters are as dumb as Democrat leaders think they are.


#WalkAway is a campaign that will help many Americans to overcome the pressures and threats from the Democratic party. The truth is out there, it might be frightening, but Democrats need to embrace the move away from the tyranny of the left.


That tweet…McAuliffe is such a little bitch of the Clintons that he refused to see reality. Kavanaugh is a CONSTITUTIONALIST. The Constitution is the law of the land and McAuliffe seems to have an issue with that. This is old fashioned slash and burn tactics, Americans are tired of that rhetoric. That’s why so many in his party have decided to walk away.


Most all liberals have issues with that pesky old Constitution. Their ability to amend it legally presents a tedious and time consuming process that they choose to supplant with their ignoring of it.


Everyone needs to walk away from the pedo party.



Perverts are attracted to liberals who in turn are attracted to perverts. They cling together like iron filings to a bar magnet…either end will work for them.


I have addressed several liberals that support amnesty, DACA open borders with the question:

How any people should we allow to immigrate into the US?

10 million more?
20 million more?
If 10 million Chinese began moving to the US would you oppose it?
20 million?

How do you address the issues of healthcare when we are short of providers?
How do you address the education issues with non english speaking people?
How do you pay for it with 21 trillion in dent?

I received the usual crickets.


When your idea of good government is spend ,spend and spend again , they could care less about debt or the safety of it’s citizens . Have you ever seen a responsible liberal democrat ? ALL these dipshit become multi- millionaires and live in gated communities while they are in office .


A little melodramatic…


Nothing but crickets and useless comments.


The liberals won’t name a number…they want them ALL…no matter the number!


It’s real interesting that they say nothing.

Even better they are clueless as to the cost to support just the illegal population today.


Big business capitalizes on illegal labor and BOTH parties pander to them. They more than pay for themselves and aren’t going anywhere because of it…


By a show of hands, how many Russian troll bots are posting on this thread and or how many of you have been greatly influenced by Russian troll bots?


I guess enough of us to physically go to the polling stations and elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.

Enjoy the butthurt.


There was a little diddy on the telly news the other day that caught my attention. Britian of course is, for the first time in at least 20 years, having a gorgeous and abnormally warm summer (hot by their standards)… and water has become an issue. It seems the director of the regulatory agency Ofwat said that in the near future we would have to get a handle on our water usage by banning the use of piped water for anything but food and bathing. Of course it is blamed on climate change, even though Britain on average got slightly more rain over the last year than normal but she also singled out increased population. I thought that to be particularly strange that a landmass such as Britain would actually create population conditions that it could no longer feed and water… Just as with your question… how many people should a given country take of the worlds population and at what point would a supply disruption put that population at risk.


Here is a question back at you. We know that the central committee worked tirelessly to create, fund and centrally direct various communist parties in countries around the world. Given that the USA Communist party has NEVER endorsed a republican for office… just how much of your life, education and entertainment has bent your way of thinking?.. and what constitutes a Russian troll?.. could it be a well indoctrinated progressive?


We are faced with the same issue in the Western US.

When areas of the country become prosperous, more people migrate to that area for work, citizens as well as non citizens. The non citizens flock to the sanctuary cities creating inflationary housing problems as well as resource issues.


You don’t think you’re going to get that show of hands do you???