Was Michael Flynn setup?


Then-FBI Director James Comey reportedly told lawmakers last March that agents did not think former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn lied to them. Flynn did not believe he lied to them in that Jan. 24 meeting, and that any inaccuracies in his account were unintentional.
Further, the report questioned whether the DOJ relied on the obscure Logan Act as a mere pretext to question Flynn – a law restricting discussions with foreign governments that has never been used to successfully prosecute anyone.
“Yates represents [former Obama attorney general] Eric Holder’s most enduring legacy – normalization of political law enforcement,” Adams told Fox News.
“She saw it as her mission to sabotage the incoming administration. We know she did it on the travel ban. Now we know she did it to screw over General Flynn," he added.


Yes - 100% Flynn was set up. His biggest mistake was talking to the FBI without a lawyer. But I guess he didn’t realize at the time that the FBI was plotting against him. Maybe he had too much faith in our institutions.


Flynn will end up with a pardon and work for Fox ala Ollie North.


First he didn’t lie , then his inaccuracies in his account were unintentional. Then the Logan Act , so does this have to do with Russian collusion ? Was that the point of this so-called investigation ?:thinking:


Flynn bankrupted himself fighting these baseless allegations and pled guilty to spare his family. Yes, He should’ve had a lawyer when talking to the FBI.
President Trump should pardon Gen Flynn but he’s not even close to what Col North did.


That’s true given Fox’s penchant for hiring the unsavory.


Maybe he can reveal debate questions and write fake news stories with un-named sources and later be forced to retract them . :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: shrug


Flynn lied to the FBI, that’s a crime, just for the law and order crowd. And he asked for immunity to sing, but Muellers team have the goods and didn’t need to bargain with him.


Why does Comey have so many conflicting accounts lately ? Who else lied to congress ?