Washington delivers State of the Union


Washington began by congratulating you on the present favourable prospects of our public affairs, most notable of which was North Carolina’s recent decision to join the federal republic. Read the rest here: https://thevoiceofreason.blog/this-day-in-history/ #VOR


a means of public education, which the president justified as a means to secure the Constitution, by educating future public servants in the republican principles of representative government.

It sure would be nice if this was the a part of the academic focus for soldiers during their first enlistment. I can’t tell you how many young soldiers don’t know the first thing about the country they serve in or the Constitution that they took an oath to support and defend.


The soldiers should have learned about it when they were children right alongside their reading, writing, and arithmetic. Hell, so should the entire American population if we’re being honest. I love our history, but it is much shorter than most other Western countries. We should start people young and on the abridged version.