We Are Now Freebird


Hi everyone,

This past week has been an interesting one. I’m sure there are many questions about the new name and domain change. I put together this post to help explain things and hopefully provide some answers to your questions. I think this change is good and will create a lot of new opportunities for our community to grow.

How Did We Get Here?

In the months since the 2016 election DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on Politiforum ramped up. The attacks consistently originated in France but were largely manageable. We experienced zero down time as a result. The DDoS attacks usually increased in duration and complexity when there were posts made that were critical of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM). The largest DDoS attack came after posts about Charlottesville started going up. This attack didn’t take the site down but it did cause a lot of trouble for many users trying to login or post. For me, that was enough to make some infrastructure changes.

While the attacks were ongoing, I started receiving dozens of DMCA takedown notices for posts that were created that did not have links or appropriate author attribution. As a US based site, this could have caused a lot of problems for us. I’m glad to pay the full costs of running our community out of my pocket, but I won’t spend my money on hiring lawyers to defend others who were not linking and attributing appropriately. I also did not want to be put into a position of sending the legal trouble to the users who were causing the DMCA violations. I’ll post some best practices on how to avoid DMCA issues at the bottom of this post (but Iceland does not recognize the DMCA – more on that in a second).

How I Selected The Name Freebird

I’ve said before how I’ve been banned from most social media platforms. In fact, that’s why I started our community in April 2016. I did not agree with the practices of social media, discussion forums, and news sites censoring the speech of some users while allowing others to say whatever they wanted. Like many of you, I felt that I had nowhere to go and always had to watch what I said online.

I selected the name “Freebird” for a few reasons (none of them have anything to do with the excellent song by Lynyrd Skynyrd).

  • When I see a bird, I think freedom - but I also think community and free association. Over the past few years I’ve become an avid bird watcher (yeah, I’m one of those people). I’ve noticed that birds move and communicate freely but come together to build their own communities. I particularly like the North American Robin. I won’t go into too much detail because I want you to keep reading but, I recommend doing some of your own research if you are interested. https://www.learner.org/jnorth/robin/

  • Out of all social media sites, Twitter probably angers me the most. Twitter doesn’t even attempt to hide their war on conservative speech and thought. Twitter’s logo is a fat dopey bird, which is totally fitting for them considering their SJW outlook on the world. People are not free to express themselves on Twitter and their logo should be redesigned to show a fat bird in a cage - not a free bird.

  • I adjusted the Politiforum logo from the pyramid to the bird and placed the bird facing the title to signify new “freebirds” leaving their old communities to join ours - where they can freely express themselves. I kept with a very sharp design to signify the transformation of the pyramid to the bird. I paid a graphic designer to make the logo to my specifications so that it is unique.

  • The name “freebird” is not political. I think this will give our community a chance to grow in different ways and attract more users who may not primarily be interested in politics. To me this represents a great opportunity. We can break the mainstream narrative that most people blindly accept and consume. They may not land here because of politics, but they may become political as a result. Oh and let’s face it, talking politics all day long can be exhausting. We need to lighten up (don’t worry, I won’t make a bird watching category).

Why A Strange .IS Domain?

Unfortunately, free speech is not as protected in the United States as it used to be. It is far too easy for the SJWs of the world to cite their “feelings” and get sites taken down, domain names seized, and cause a whole lot of trouble for sites like ours. That’s not an attack on liberals who value free speech and expression. It’s just a statement of fact based on my experiences dealing with these issues in our contemporary socio-political climate.

.IS is an Iceland domain. For us this means that our domain is outside the legal authorities of the US and the EU. Why does that matter? Because the only way for the site or a post to be taken down would be through a court ruling from a judge in Iceland. Based upon Icelandic free speech laws, that’s an incredibly difficult thing for someone to do. Iceland has perhaps the best free speech laws on Earth. So welcome to Iceland fellow freebirds.

Immigrant Here
Howdy. Another USMB peep

The Rabbit Hole

Its a good thing too… you might not get the kind of responses you were anticipating… ‘chick’ watching is very popular too.

Thank you for your efforts and passion… I am ever humbled and respectful of people who create public squares where their were none…

Scott :+1:


Everything happens for a reason. It’s how we overcome challenges that define who we are. I’m sure you could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble and just shut everything down. Instead you dug your heels in and adapted. Thank you.


More proof that these two groups are aligned and funded by the same person/people. They are scared and want to control everything that is said about them online. To me that’s all the more reason to fight back.


I like it. I also recommend doxxing any Antifa or BLM supporters that will inevitably flood in.




I really like the logo and the concept. I used to be a crazy liberal and then things started not making sense to me. If everyone is supposedly equal then why does my opinion matter less because of the color of my skin? Try to bring that point up and for someone my age you lose most of your friends or you feel pressured to agree that something is wrong with you when there isn’t. I choose to go my own way.

The Rabbit Hole

Such martyrs.

The logo is nice though. Don’t expect anyone to find the place with some random web address like this one though. Probably just shot yourself in the foot.


Hahaha thanks for the encouragement, dear fellow commiefornian



That’s really easy to say when you aren’t restricted here or anywhere else. Some people have been restricted to the point they feel like they can’t say what they think. That doesn’t make them a martyr it makes them a victim. I don’t like using that word but anyone can be victimized and it doesn’t feel very good when it happens. Maybe you shouldn’t further victimize people who have already had their speech restricted. I bet you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you. At the rate this country is falling apart don’t be surprised if you progressives lose your right to speak freely too.


All you did was demonstrate that you have no idea how the internet actually works. Carry on.



The Daily Kos comment section is calling you. A young woman talks about the social stigma she receives for thinking differently and all you can muster is a veiled personal attack and some disparaging remarks about a service provided free of charge to you? Go somewhere else if you don’t like it.


Keep doing your thing @Patriot people who don’t like it or don’t get it can leave.


I hold this site above all others that I have visited to date…and I will be completing my 76th trip around the sun before the Ides of March 2019.

Though I have witnessed that is not impossible to be banned for a thousand years, this site is the pinnacle of free speech.

That is why I donate.


Woah - blast from the past. I remember when those attacks were going on.


Hmm. Interesting OP. Thanks for the info. In the wee hours I will probably be exploring a bit more. I like the concept. I just hate learning new stuff. :joy:


What was it called before?


Hey, I’m an old dog, too. However, new tricks can be fun…especially if you sip on a full Dixie cup of red wine while trying to learn 'em!:rofl:

Stick around, little darlin’! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!