We Are the Top Political Forum on Google


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you.

Our humble community is now the NUMBER ONE political forum on Google. Your robust and spirited, comments, thoughts, and political positions have now become the most visible on the Internet.

We may argue, we may fight, we may voice our opinions loud and clear - but make no - mistake it’s our diverse views that power this community and that deserves recognition.

I am honored that all of you have chosen to make this your home for political debate. I have a feeling that our small world is about to get a whole lot bigger. So keep it up, and brace for impact.

We are on the map.



Very cool; glad to hear it!


We are less than a year old. This just does not happen. It takes years to rank like this!


Also, sorry for the typos in my first post. I was beyond excited. I know you are a former teacher. :wink:


Outstanding. Perhaps more new blood.


I think so, we have only been in the rankings for a few hours. We will probably get a good number lurkers for a while, until they feel comfortable posting.


Congratulations to everyone!

At first I wasn’t sure about what you meant and then I searched for just “political forum” and we were the first site after all of that weird UN stuff. Super big deal!


Anyone seen Scott? I’m sure he would enjoy this. My hope is that he is well. My thoughts when you posted this were with former mates Kingston, Max, Rolling Dude, and of course current spur— that ever lovable Pfunky.


Ash, did you read up on the “Breaking 20,000” responses to your request? Some good stuff there. Cheers.


Outstanding ! An enjoyable place to exchange comments .


Oh damn! We big time!


This is great news - looks like we have been battling back and forth with that dump Political Forum all day. What’s the deal with that?


I sent another message to @Scott yesterday. No response. We’ll be here waiting for him.


I’ve noticed that too. I think it is activity based. If activity dips here for a few hours we drop a few places down the page. That’s my best guess though. Google does not explain how their ranking system works. I would have been happy being on Page 3 - but anywhere on Page 1 is fantastic!


I messaged @Scott twice. I haven’t heard from him since before Christmas. I know he has some health issues but I got the impression that he has a pretty good handle on them. I hope he’s ok …