We Don't Believe Bill Clinton! We Don't Believe Bill Clinton!


Where are all of the women activist groups, and groups like the #MeTooMovement,
when Democratic Politicians abuse women?

Where are the Liberal Mainstream Media(ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN, MSNBC, New York Times),
when these acts of sexism, rape, molestation, and pedophilia taking place?

I know! Let’s ask Bill Clinton? If you remember, Clinton denied ever having sex with Monica, and everyone knows he did. He denied raping women, and yet he payed out hundreds of thousands of dollars to women, if not more, to pay them off, for what he had done. He “flew over” fantasy island, where there were underaged prostitutes, but he said he didn’t “land” on the island.

If you look it up, there are several other Democratic Politicians that have beaten, raped or molested women, and yet the mainstream media never says anything. Now why do you think that is? Could it possibly be, because they themselves are biased Liberal Socialists, that support the Democratic Party, and really don’t care about equality for women, or women’s rights at all, but simply just want their vote, and treat them like they’re dumb, and expect their vote also? Yes, yes it is.


And Donald J.Trump has acknowledged he was a regular attendee at Epsteins underage model party’s in fact his modelling agency supplied some of the underage girls.He also flew to Epsteins Island and frequently had breakfast at Epsteins home.


And instead of everyone believing you make crap up, how about posting a link proving your claims. Or are you a liar?


Where’s your proof? I’m guessing you don’t have any, because Liberals base their excuses and accusations off of lies, and they push those lies, over, and over, and over again, until
their millennials, women, and African Americans believe them. They take advantage of the groups, because they think that these groups are weak, and won’t tell the difference between the truth, fact, and the Liberal Democrat Lies, and until now that has been the case, but now that Trump is in office, he is exposing the real truth!!! lol


That is exactly what went on from the beginning to the end of the Kavanaugh hearings.

Lies from liberals whose sole intent was to smear Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey-Ford is a liar. Avenatti and all of his whore clients are liars. Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Dickhead Blumenthal are ALL LIARS.


I Agree my friend! But people on this site, or in general wish to see prove also of this. So please posts links within this thread of videos of these people. Most people in general are a lot more visual about things. So if you post a post, or start a thread, and make it part of your own words, and backed up by links that are credible(not like youtube), than you’ll get a lot more views and responses. At least that how I always have gotten them off of Hannity.com


Fuck Hannity.com


#metoo ia a selectively applied movement. If youre a women who has been raped by a liberal white man or by a minority, #metoo is a slap in the face.


Are you a huge Liberal? What’s wrong with Hannity.com?


Basically if you’re a Republican White Male, than you’re a Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Pig, that is an ist, or Phobic of anything and everyone, and the Democrats are happy on a regular basis to tell you what you’re!!! They want Americans to hate each other! That’s what they thrive on!!!

Now logic, morals, and common sense is against the Democrats, but they still have so many strategic moves, and so many voters that they’ve brainwashed easily for so many years, that their believers have no common sense or logic either. They simply need to get so many refugees in this country, enough illegals, and other desperate people, then they can win the Presidency, and the House, and Congress on a regular basis.




You wanna know what I’m like? Read a few hundred of my 4.3k posts.

Enjoy your adolescence while it lasts.


Do you consider yourself a Liberal Democrat or a Conservative Republican?

Will you respect me buy answering my question or not?


Asaratis is far from a lib. Hannity is a Trump kiss ass…besides, there’s no other site that compares to this one…:sunglasses:


Yes. I will respect you by not answering.

by buy! 290968001256257790-final





They’re all pedos, nothing new here.


this is u not answering? by answering? wouldn’t u just not type anything?


There is a difference between responding to a question and answering a question.

You need some lessons in logic and sentence composition.

Here are two:

Your question:

…is open to being interpreted in at least two ways;

  1. Will you respect me by answering my question or not (answering my question)?
  2. Will you respect me by answering my question or not (respect me)?

I chose to respond to #1.

Your other question was:

  1. You expected an answer from me claiming to be one or the other. The fact is that I am neither of the above.

  2. You make the assumptions that all Democrats are liberals and that all Republicans are conservatives. Both of these assumptions are errant.

  3. You make another errant assumption that Democrat and Republican are the only two choices available.

You should think about logic and reason prior to typing questions or answers. Not only does each word you write (or speak) have a meaning, the order in which they come out affects the inferred meaning of a sentence…as does the punctuation.

Legal disputes have been decided over such things as the omission of a comma.


if all he did was have breakfast…

i wish the news folks would do more on this Epstein guy bc I don’t know much about him… probably dont really want to but…