We don't want you here!

Dear Illegal immigrants, and refugees,

We don’t want you flooding our country with Rapists, and Murderers, Gangs like MS-13.
We don’t want you to keep bringing drugs over that are killing innocent children.
The Democrats constantly say that it’s all about the children, and yet they don’t
seem to care about all of the illegal drugs like heroin that kill a lot of innocent children,
brought into this country by illegals.


Now we probably need to have a version of this in Spanish.


Well, Spanish is the second highest language spoken in America.

Do you know when you call up it says; Press 1 for English, and 2 for Spanish.

If the Democrats win on November 6th it will be visa-versa.

Because they will let so many illegals in and refugees, that Spanish will be the main
language spoken in America!

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If they really had their way there wouldn’t even be an option…everything would just be in Spanish and we would need to learn their language.

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It sucks that we have a Party of politicians that even get elected to do that to America(the Democrats).

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There are almost no children in the coming horde. Now as they get closer, the leftists might salt more children into the mix for the leftist photographers waiting to catch a border guard hurting one. They were certainly hoping to get such photos before next Tuesday and will likely sacrifice a few kids in some orchestrated effort to create violence.

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Queridos inmigrantes ilegales, y refugiados,

No queremos que inundes nuestro país con violadores y asesinos, pandillas como la MS-13.
No queremos que sigas trayendo drogas, ya que están matando a niños inocentes.
Los demócratas dicen constantemente que se trata de los niños, y sin embargo no lo hacen.
parece preocuparse por todas las drogas ilegales como la heroína que mata a muchos niños inocentes,
Traído a este país por ilegales.

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While their winning this mid term would most certainly make life very difficult… they won’t impeach Trump and he runs the agencies and their majority in the house and even if they managed a majority in the senate will not get past Trumps veto… 2020… all bets are off.


The Liberals believe we aren’t spending enough on ILLEGALS burdening the healthcare, education, medical systems and the LEGAL SYSTEM when committing criminal acts or causing accidents because some states allow them to have drivers licenses.

Actually we do want them here. What we don’t want are the racists and the white nationalists.

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Where do they move to rich white girl?


It’s too simple for the left, they cannot understand simple things , even if you show them with a number 2 crayon, they won’t grasp it until their leaders tell them , they are sheeples.

and you can’t reason or explain things to sheeples, they are too stupid to understand .

It sickens me personally, when the Democrats hide behind children!!!:(:rage:

They don’t care about the Children at all! They’re simply using them as an escape goat!

I wonder how many child molesters are Democrat compared to Republican.
I mean if you look at a persons characteristics, personality, traits, etc., in most cases it’s going to be a Democrat.

Are you really from Chicago?

Bernie Sanders went to college there. It’s very politically correct.
Unfortunately it’s known to be a extremely corrupt place.
With corruption comes little to no morality.

You’re right! Just because I’m White I’m a racist. Just because I’m a male, I’m a sexist.
Just because I’m straight I’m homophobic. Just because I’m an American I’m a nationalist.

Sorry, let me rephrase that, just because I’m a Conservative Republican and all of those things in this country, I’m those things. If I were a Democrat, then those things would be ok.

Sorry, I’m not politically correct! lol.

Well here2bqueer, I’m a proud White, Straight, Male, American, and you tell me that I should be ashamed of who I am. I have rights, and you’re not going to take them from me!!!
So good luck with that! You’re being brainwashed from Liberals Socialists and you don’t even realize it. They make you think that it’s all about your choice, but you do realize what Socialism is correct? Try going over to North Korea, and having an opinion. If it opposes the government over there, they don’t warn you, they put a bullet in your head, and charge the bullet to your family. Or if you look up the economy and what Venezuela is like, and how it’s in Anarchy, with no food, or clean water. Is that what you want for Americans?

New people here the Democrats on this forum don’t debate they drop things that the can’t defend and leave …

She can’t event tell me where those poor foreigners move to… lol

I wont draw any conclusions on the statistics. But many adult Dems do identify as aging children. They miss the days of careless naivete and have wide eyed fantasies about a utopia where everyone is free to play all day.
It won’t be long before they find themselves on the side of changing age of consent to puberty. Then the legal prohibition will go away and they will add one more perversion to the “it’s consensual” and “they were born that way” mantras. They will call us bigots, backwards, dangerous, and uneducated for keeping our children away from them. They will trot out a prog doctor who will say its normal.

I believe this is the root of the reason progs hate Russia now. They were OK with Russia until the people’s representatives there voted for the law to protect their children from indoctrination into homosex. Homosex is not illegal in Russia, nor should it be, in my opinion. Yet… there are no issues that Libs get more furious about than the Russian law to protect children. They want the children, for sure.

I want to digitally slap you…:raised_hand:

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Well that explains a lot. lol.

Is it Michael Jackson syndrome?

Doesn’t anyone wish Monte would return??? The posts between the Dyke and him would be very interesting. She doesn’t get it regardless of attempts to help her. She continuously frustrates any intent at an intelligent and rational conversation on purpose. :-1:t2: