Weapons ban of 2018


Funny how Trump wants to just go balls-to-the-wall on taking guns without legal authority (“due process second”) yet he does fuck-all without the court’s permission when it comes to banning muslims, defunding sanctuary cities, ending DACA, etc.

If Trump cucks on guns, he’s a one-term president.




Do you think he’s trolling the Democrats? He said to just confiscate the guns without due process and all of the Democrats in the room went started bouncing off the damn walls…Feinstein let her inner (((self))) out in full view. If liberals actually believed what they say then they would have been outraged by the president saying that we should just forget about due process. Should liberals everywhere be screaming impeach! Where is the ACLU?


What we hear:

The argument devolves into non sequiturs.
I don’t support the murder of innocents; therefore I don’t vote Republican, since Republicans support the Second Amendment.

The take it or leave it approach:
News media are notorious for presenting public options as a binary choice: do nothing or pass federal gun control legislation. The reality is there is far more middle ground than take to or leave it.

Appealing to emotions.
The latest, kids are pulled into political discussions by adults who want to trump debate and shame their opponents into acquiescence.

The straw man.
Taking a point or argument and making it weak and easy to destroy.

The appeal to popularity
The idea, gun control banning guns, ending the 2nd amendment is right, true, or desirable because it’s popular.

The faulty analogy
The fallacy assumes that because two things are alike in some respects, they are necessarily alike in other respects.
Using Australia’s gun laws and relating them to what the US should do is a wonderful example.

Yes and we have seen it all here from our friends from the left and the outpouring of drivel from the media and left.


And that’s what I’ve been saying all along.


Let the fat ass TIC start actually confiscating guns without due process and I’m sure you’ll hear from them. In the mean time it’s incredibly entertaining watching him display his ignorance and disdain for both the law and constitution. MAGA, snicker.


Concerning for sure… I never figured him for a constitutionalist but figured he would defend the 2nd amendment… but then again, some people’s understanding of why the founders felt so compelled to add it to the bill of rights was because people like to hunt and target shoot…


Yes he did didn’t he. His supporters will now likely pretend that they knew all along for example that he wasn’t a constitutionalist. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: one of the chief complaints about Obama was that he had little regard for the constitution…go figure.


If you are going to address my comments do it straight up… It is very difficult of a big government statist to be a constitutionalist… Gorsuch notwithstanding, Trump has spouted quit publicly his desire to force companies such as apple to give up the security keys for government surveillance… I knew… what I was buying when I voted for Trump… as with anyone, you hope for the best but of the other republican candidates he appeared to be the most likely to turn back the globalaist, progressive march.

P.S. While I am of the opinion that Trump is not a constittuionalist and I worry about some of his positions, Trump has rolled back clear usurpations by the last president who I not only knew wasn’t a friend of the constitution but wasn’t a friend of the US either…


I think this is how he draws the left out. He told them he would sign anything DACA related. He didn’t and provided his own proposal that went further than the Democrats. What did they do with it? Nothing.


Hide your guns or he’ll take them from you without due process. Btw, do tell what he was trying to draw out by promising to pay off the national debt in eight years but instead adding to it like the Obama and Bush years, other than your vote?


That legal ploy may happen and a lot of people have already hidden their guns but lets face it, you actually cares about the 4th amendment anyway… civil asset forfeiture has been a growing part of our police state for some time… It use to be against known and obvious criminals (a boat seized because it was full of dope) now they seize your account, your car and your house because you have the smell of weed in your car and assume you to be a dealer

Here is the biggest decider of Trumps ability turn form into function with regard to the debt… not only does a 1/4 point interest rise cost the treasury an extra 100billion a year in debt service, rising interest rates can cause havoc on an economy…


Based upon the TIC’s comments which he revealed he knows nothing of the law and constitution, or worse, he just doesn’t care, this may be more a reality than you think, just coming from a different direction than you all thought. He just threw it out there yesterday. :flushed::flushed::flushed:


@Montecresto1 you mentioned on another thread that you voted for Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson said:

“I don’t believe there should be any restrictions when it comes to firearms. None,”

Why were you supporting a candidate who was pro-2nd Amendment and did not support any restrictions on guns?


Yet some prozac and grow up.

Try communication without the profanity.

Are you 5 years old???


He lied, he also has said he supported Bernie and his positions

Johnny also supports medicare for all a hallmark of a Bernie Bot.

Gary Johnson: Bring competition to healthcare! A free market approach is needed, and recognize that healthcare is far removed from the free market.

Gary Johnson and bernie is like nite and day.


That’s what happens when multiple shills are working through the same account.


He brings nothing to the site except his leftist hate for anything conservative and of course his hatred and 5 year old profanity and inability to have a constructive conversation about anything without attaching Trump.


Yes, I voted for Johnson, after Bernie lost in the primaries as both front runners are wholly unacceptable. My number one top priority is foreign policy and the candidates that suit me there will get my vote. Gary Johnson however was never going to win, but the strategy was to get the independent gathering enough of the vote to get the attention we need for matching funding, full ballot access and the needed media coverage. You have to start somewhere and I’m so surprised that there isn’t more of a yearning for a viable third party, particularly given the sorry ass choices we had in 2016.



What a piece of cake, dried out and stale.

A protest vote.