Weapons ban of 2018


No, that hardly works. Just make him a one term president. I wonder which republican will primary him?


Time to be smart. They can’t take your guns if they were “stolen” or “tragically lost in a mysterious fire”.

The South has already been through this shit. It might be hard for Northerners to contemplate the supposed face of “freedom” acting with complete contempt for human life towards you but this is old news for us. We didn’t let the government castrate us.


Presumably you refer to Mr. take the guns first and let the courts sort it out second.


Ultimately, unless your name is Obama, presidents do not make laws.

Stop acting like hotheaded teenagers and shit yourself when something actually happens.


First of all, he’s already said that he will sign away bump stocks usurping congress. But more importantly, this is about the TIC, sufficiently ignorant of the law and our constitution or worse, could care less about it to suggest that cops should just take guns away as a first response and allow the courts to sort it out, and laughable that you guys are tripping all over yourselves defending him and dismissing something that would have sent you all to the ER with heart failure had Obama ever suggested such a thing. But hey, long ago he predicted that he could murder somebody in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and loose not one of his supporters. And I’ve yet to see that denied. So no big surprise to the blind partisanship again.


Yeah…you have repeated the same lines over and over again. TIC, 5th avenue, yatta yatta yatta. Try harder.


Correction, it might be hard for Urban dwellers to contemplate the supposed.

People in the midwest and west outside the urban cesspools are much like you.


Can’t quite grasp the concept that congress must first pass a law unlike the previous administration.


I tried telling him that above. No use. He doesn’t put stock in anything Trump says until it’s politically convenient for him to jump around quoting Trump like a kid in middle school.


He’s just like a parrot.

Whatever is said on the leftist sites he quotes as gospel.


I can understand how quoting Trump makes the trumpian squirmish.


That’s besides the point I’m making. I understand that Trump can’t order the police to violate the law and the constitution. It’s the fact that in his pea brain HE THINKS it would be a good idea for the police to ignore the due process of the law and the constitution and confiscate guns as a first order letting the courts sort it out. You may not be big enough to admit it here in the presence of the echo chamber, but you’d have a fit had Obama ever made the same suggestion that the TIC just made.


And everyone can recognize the obsession and hate you have for the sitting president.


What the President said was stupid and from all I have read here today most people disagree with him. You keep trying to start flame wars with people here with your rhetoric…but you obviously don’t know what to do when people agree. Yep, bone head comment by Trump. It doesn’t matter until something actually happens…and nothing has happened.

Politicians everywhere use a lot of words. It’s the actions that count.


Fair enough, then we agree.


I don’t think anyone is ‘dismissing’ anything… Trump is getting feedback from his base and he is getting feedback from gun owners. Of that you can be well assured. Trump thus far has done nothing. He has mastered misdirection and until one actually sees what he does, not unlike the Mueller investigation, I’m not one to arm-flap about a maybe. Correspondence yes… fret, not yet.


You call it flaming which is precisely what it is… and he calls it debate and gets bent out of shape when people react to it. He’s like the kid that gets in trouble with his parents, the neighbors down the street, his teachers, the police and even the fire chief and still thinks its everybody else’s fault.


Hopefully this is an accurate and positive development:


Me and some of the local boys went to a nearby gun show last Saturday. It’s usually got a decent crowd, but I’ve never seen it as packed as it was that day; you had to wait for your turn to browse an aisle.

Hell, not only was it packed with folks browsing but they opened up the side hallways to extra vendors. I didn’t go with the intention of purchasing anything, but there was a great deal on a Kalashnikov semi-auto shotgun…:wink:


The only problem with that statement and it goes to what Trump said publically is that just because he is all in for strong due process, it doesn’t as that it is before they kick down your door and disarm you, or after…