Weapons ban of 2018


In the past people inciting discord were referred to as agitators.

Talking means nothing. Actions speak louder than words. Should Trump play the Obama card and legislate law from the Executive Order platform I would be pissed regardless of the issue.

Using the Executive Order platform to dismantle previous legislation by the executive broach should be applauded loudly.


That quote is totally out of context. He’s talking about for people who the parents and friends know are mentally ill, not just random people the gov’t doesn’t like.


I do not know about any other state, but my state of Kansas passed legislation many years ago saying there is NO requirement to report the loss of any firearm by theft or other loss.


The problem is, people lie. I know of countless instances in my life when someone I personally know was “turned in” by someone who just wanted to get back at them for some reason. Turned in to child protective services or something like that. In the end it was shown to be a wild goose chase that wasted the time and resources of the agency doing the investigation and a terrible infringement on the time and resources of the individual charged…and the entire family. MOST of these cases with these nut job shooters there are plenty of signs and already laws that could be enforced.


Why wouldn’t you report a lost or stolen.firearm when it could be used.in a felony crime???


Actually, if your look at the Republicans and just how they are voting, you are seeing a 3rd party emerge. Either the establishment Republicans are going to have to start their own party… or go back to the democratic party where they came from, or the ‘Trumpians’ as they are called (I prefer Deplorables) are going to create a new party. Their are enough people that Trump could carry a new named party forward… Democrats don’t dare split up… all they have is a block vote.


I would, most would. However if some day a government official of some sort demands you produce your weapons for confiscation or inspection or any reason you can tell them they were lost in a fire, boating accident, stolen , whatever and they don’t then have the hammer of a law to prosecute you for failure to report.


What part of due process escapes you. And how would you like to have your guns confiscated because your friends say you’re mentally ill. You guys will justify anything that comes out of the TIC’s mouth, ANYTHING!


That’s still a violation of due process. Do you support Oregon’s new law in this regard?


With the way things are shaping up, in the event I had a gun stolen I probably wouldn’t say anything about it unless someone came looking for it and asking questions.


Here’s the thing about Oregon’s politics today and the fact they mirror California’s for a reason . Most of the people in Oregon have abandoned California after working their progressive job killing over regulating while flat lining wages with open borders and some how managed to put the state that has "the sixth largest economy on planet Earth close to bankruptcy !
They have fled sunny California in droves and headed north for safer city’s cleaner air and much better quality of life states that they can work their progressive state killing magic on !


Ok, but the question is, do you support the gun crises law passed in Oregon last summer?


Just another feel good toothless law because criminals don’t obey laws ! It was passed with 13 to 17 vote and that will change after the next election !
But more in the way to protect the citizens of the state the state turned there back on public safety and voted down additional funding to the state police .
“Senate Democrats rejected additional funding to the state police,” said Senator Republican Leader Jackie Winters. “With additional funding, the state police would be freed up to enforce drug laws, gun laws, and increase public safety.”
Its clear this is just another step in the outlawing of legal fire arms ownership in America .:point_right::weary:


Gun laws are a bit laughable as they keep the honest people honest and the mentally unstable and criminal elements have easy access to guns.


In truth feel good gun law’s infringe on the rights of the law abiding and enable the lawless !


First of all… was it really taken out of context?

Secondly… their is an interesting phenomena here in the UK called ‘Shopping Someone’. The state rewards you for tattling on your neighbors for just about any infraction. The pay the best for catching out neighbors on benefits but some councils encourage you to ‘shop’ your neighbor over just about anything. We don’t need neighborhood watch turning into an arm of the state police apparatus…

The Oregon law allows for relative to petition the court for the removal of a firearm. On the surface it sounds reasonable but in actual practice that petition almost guarantees immediate and forceful seizure of the firearm without any due process. It certainly opens that gates for a liberal family member to see the seizure of a pro gun family members property.


Obviously you’re unfamiliar with the law.


You are obviously unfamiliar with a determined criminal…


No, it’s an attempt to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill and violent individuals.


It’s also unconstitutional.