Welcome All New Comers 7/7/2017


Hi @discobot

How is every body doing tonight. I’m signed up to Politiforum. Nice to meet everyone.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Welcome to party!!! Jump right in!


Nice to meet you too!


@discobot can you give me some tips on how to choose topics? I want to get off to a good writing start.


Doing great! Feel free to speak your mind. There are no restrictions here.


Thanks for joining @fbatinakax - to go through the tutorial with @discobot just type in:

@discobot display help

You can also click on your avatar in the upper right and there should be a message from @discobot in there. You can reply directly to that and the tutorial should commence.

You can also take a look at the categories by going to the homepage and selecting “categories” to the right of “latest” which will be highlighted in orange.

You can also send me a message at any time or mention @Patriot and I will gladly help you as well.


Nice to meet you @fbatinakax looking forward to some good discussion


@fbatinakax glad you found the place!


What’s up new guy! :+1:


Hi @Southern. I Hanh updated my profile yet. I’m a woman.


See what happens when you make assumptions @Southern

Welcome @fbatinakax


Namaste! Thank you for joining us!


Welcome, we’re an argumentative bunch but for the most part quite nice.


@fbatinakax … Hi Gal (I do hope that didn’t ‘trigger’ you… If it did, I am… sorry)… welcome :grin: