Welcome To The First Net Nation


Now while I do not carry the title to declare such it’s no doubt a feeling many here have. We have many folks from many walks of life and backgrounds and we are growing because of a common need. The RIGHT not to be harshly over moderated.

Many political parties are here to practice one common theme. FREE SPEECH. A practice we see as more than just a bit important and a practice we CAN all gather behind. Its that common ground, that big tent WE can all fit in.

All across America we have been punished by PC. Millions are efected And this affliction has MANY side effects. BEFORE a person even speaks there is THOUGHT. FREE SPEECH is the fore runner to FREE THOUGHT. In the past those thoughts had led to liberty and equal justice.

Somtimes the best resolution to arguement comes after the worst arguement. Will we always agree? No but on the day you joined here WE ALL AGREED that freedom of speech was the only cure for what chained US.

WE have immigrants from Facebook and Twitter and countless forums who ALL broke their chains of bondage. May our nation grow as others seek their FREEDOM. Donate with your wallet and speak from your heart. Somebody PLEASE drop the FREEBIRD SONG into the thread!

Let the world wide net know FREEDOM IS HERE and we ARE its protectors






A bit melodramatic huh??


The fact that you haven’t been kicked to the curb just proves everything @DarkFury said. You’re lucky. You can come here and speak your mind and you can speak your mind in the places where we can’t. I guess that’s the “freedom” you have when you regurgitate DNC messaging. The rest of us have the courage to not be constrained by lies and political correctness.




And u have the freedom to ignore anyone u want…:laughing:


That’s funny, the DNC and the liberals here don’t pay any attention to me. I have my own positions.


You seem to be here speaking your mind, why the tears??


No, not at all. See I tend to write from the heart to other hearts. Dramatic has nothing to do with it. If you belive, truly belive about liberty bout freedom those words are in your heart.


Oh I see, well that’s real nice…


No tears here, not now. But a shit load of pride.


Doubtless to say you haven’t been on the receiving end of the type of censorship and exclusion that many people on this form have commented about for as long as this forum has been in existence. Their hasn’t been a liberal site I have ever been to where you could actually have a conversation about the different positions of an issue. You might feel outnumbered here, but other than being bitched at because you refused to actually engage, you haven’t really had much of a rough time of it. I admire you for standing your ground and will defend your right to have an opinion but a liberal site will never do that for someone they disagree with…


Is monte for real or is there someone behind the scenes acting like a devils advocate prick to amuse us…:laughing:


I fear he is real, not bright but real.


This post should make every single one of you feel like proud Americans. The evil leftist commie demons are out for blood. They want to take our souls and crush our spirits. They want to eliminate the very essence of what makes us free. We can’t let them do that. 1776 will rise again. We’ve got to come together against these demons. They’re killing our families and they’re never going to stop until each and every last one of us is groveling beneath them.


Monte is the equivalent of Statler and Waldorf on the muppets…:laughing:


I’ve been banned from forums before as I’ve stated before here. But it’s ok, social media is not the government nor do we want it to be. It’s funny how you’re all about business freedom, allowing any business to do whatever they want, letting the market place work it out, until YOURE the one feeling squeezed by a businesses actions, and then it’s crocodile tears.


Thanks for posting this @DarkFury!

It’s really motivating and you’re right we need to safeguard this place. I think the way we do that is by inviting as many like minded people here as possible.