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Which makes my point of the fallibility of the very good document.


No, why would I do that. I can think of scores of times that I believe the Supreme Court has gotten it wrong.


I thought I saw where Patriot was letting Steve back in here? Wish he’d come back so I can see why you guys are conflating us.


@SteveSPHR has been welcomed back for some time. He visits every now and then but hasn’t posted.


Ok thanks, I wish he’d go ahead and post. I can’t understand why he’d ask to be allowed back if he doesn’t want to contribute.


He was banned before we had a sliding scale. 3 validated flagged posts got you permanently banned regardless of stature within the community. Looking back that was way too harsh, but at the time it worked to keep the trolls and spammers away. In retrospect, the punishment shouldn’t have been so draconian.

The community asked, and voted, that he be allowed back in. I changed how things worked after that. Sorry @SteveSPHR


Good thing for me…:smile:


Yeah, I thought I saw a post where you mentioned all that a long time ago. I just wish he’d come back so I could see what all the hubbub with him is about. :wink:


I’ll bet he was banned there , no one could put up with him for long , he is responsible for more derailment than ALL the railroads combined ! :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well if you insist on comparing sob stories I was once banned from the entire country of Finland.


It wasn’t a sob story if you read it. I was making the point that being banned from social media is no big deal. Sorry they don’t like you in Finland.


That’s impressive! How’d you manage that?


Yeah… the fallibility is in the group (their are always some people) who tried to sell a small government document when their intentions were different. They talked a good talk about how the document was self limiting but leave it to ‘some people’ to expand the meaning of self limiting without actually changing the constitution… and when they do, it is either as a midnight exercise or in the case of the 14th amendment somehow say that the southern states had no vote in its ratification but they somehow voted for the 13th amendment which was also one of the reconstruction amendments… or the 17th amendment sold as a way to end corruption at the state level, so they managed to consolidate it all at the federal level and make it worse. The point is… your insistance that federal expansion is a natural occurrence is BS… it is pushed by a group of people who seek power and fortune and putting all the strings in the hands of a few is not a good thing.

It has been said a thousand times that the great flaw is that we elect an otherwise good honest individual and he/she get corrupted by the Washington machine… Do you actually think that a new party will somehow be immune to that? When Washington and Business live on the same block and go to the same cocktail parties because their is influence to be had (because some creative bright spark has found that influence in the constitution)… your new party will pervert just as quickly as an individual candidate.


You want melodramatic posts? Come check out this thread where leftists invent “Trump supporters” so they can look down on their fictional creations.


There was the liberal I TRULY hate and I DATA mined him and came up with his real pic. I photoshopped like he was sucking horse dick. Got me a life ban but they dropped after 3 years. See according to internation law its not where the pic is posted to but from where. My state that kind of pic is not illegal. Should have heard that liberl scream. I’M reformed now.


Well, you can always stick with the status quo of the two parties and what we know they deliver and waste away at freebird bitching about what they do…


Trump was suppose to be that person… if he wasn’t, I was wrong. He was only the first person I ever voted for that actually won… I suppose, even though I wasn’t voting age at the time Goldwater was my first disappointment… Perot was my first big disappointment … and I saw the same kind of maniulatiive control of the RNC over Ron Paul as we saw with the democrats over Sanders… No, I don’t like the party system but when you talk about electing an ‘independent’ candidate… the devil is still very much in the detail and given the obstacles a third party would have, can you imagine the money and pressure thrown in its direction… corrupted from jump.


Trump is a democrat turn Republican. I’m talking INDEPENDENT!!! And whether you want to acknowledge it or not Scott, Trump is far too polarizing for Americans, the majority of whom view him as an impetuous, narcissistic, mean spirited, name calling, personal attacking, terrible example for the office of the presidency. He will NEVER be that one. He is an anomaly, that will be dealt with accordingly.


And yet somehow he’s the one sitting in the White House and Hillary is not.


Yeah, and Hillary’s the ONLY reason why that caustic piece is setting in the White House and he PROMISED to lock her up. Then he got elected, wink wink.