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He promised to lock her up…scratch…He promised to lock her up …scratch…He promised to lock her up…scratch…He promised to lock her up…scratch…:mega::roll_eyes:


@DarkFury I think this was one of the greatest posts that’s ever been made here. I’ve been here for a while and I’ve always loved how freely I can speak without having to worry about anything. Too many people don’t have that and you’re right too many people have to think too hard about what they’re going to say before they say it. They worry about the repercussions of having an open and honest thought. That’s not how things should be. Here we have one place that will allow us to say what we mean. That’s getting really hard to do…it’s almost criminal if you think about it. Thank you for posting this and thank you for joining this community. It’s something that I’ve taken for granted and shouldn’t.


Especially with all the censorship going on right now…


It’s in overdrive right now. I got kicked off Twitter and Facebook back when Obama was still president. That was a big deal then. Now it’s just expected that anywhere a conservative goes there going to be censored.


Thank you. Will try to keep up that level of work.



After the election during his acceptance speech he forgave her.


He talks blue collar. Most blue collar are thankful for that.


Um, that’s not what he said, and his supporters certainly don’t, she’s still a big bitch at freebird every day.


That gold tower oligarch doesn’t know shit about BC.


Oh really !? I didn’t realize that you are one of his confidantes. :+1:


@Nachomancer thats why I love this site. Being a Right winger on most other platforms leads to being called a fascist ,white nationalist. That the lovely part of this site and others like it


Just being politically conservative leads to you being called fascist, racist, white nationalist, Nazi, far right


Yes, its a f#cking headache. I was once assumed to be homophobic, even with a girlfriend of nine months who had been mostly a lesbian her entire life. Just for my beliefs being right wing, not even my actual beliefs


There is none like this one.

You can choose what you want to be called. Check of the user preferences.

…and anytime @Patriot says something…listen. He is a wise old man.


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oh ok thank you, lemme fix that


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! !

So whose beliefs are they? Or … what are your actual beliefs?


Conservatives are not “right wing”, nor are they “right”. To me conservatives are the centre ground. We have been guilty of allowing the liberal left to attach the label “right” and “right wing” to us. We shouldn’t accept these labels and we shouldn’t continue to describe our thinking as “right”