Well I guess I can share this here:) USB car charger review


Five active charge ports set this device apart from the run of the mill one and two port chargers, but that is not all. The Spec sheet/description is impressive but the convenience and utility are more so.


Pretty nifty device.

I only use 1 at a time and the auto charger is weak but does the job.

Maybe this is for the millennial with kids.


Old people with kids as well. I have it on loan for testing with local law enforcement because I need more field testing. I will be updating the article/review when I get it back.


I try to avoid air travel for business so I depend on these things. I drive everywhere, even when flying would probably be the most convenient option. I bought a cheap one of these at CVS a few years ago. Energizer made it. My problem is it only has 2 USBs and 2 cigarette adapters. So I plug my personal phone and work phone into the USBs and my tablet and work tablet into the cigarette adapters with the car charger connections. It charges about as quick as molasses.


They need to start making these with USB-C connections.


What type of cables are you using?

By the way did you read it? Perhaps there is some information that can help, like this:

Different cables make a difference but cheap chargers are just as bad.


Why? Do any charge cables have c on one ens and micro on the other? I think they need to go back to mini for these small devices. The micro is too fragile.


I did. It sounds like it has way more output capacity than the junk I’m using. I just honestly didn’t even know there was really any difference. I just bought it in a pinch and never swapped it out.

I’m just using the stock cables that came with the devices. My personal phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. When it’s not hooked up to a fast charger it’s always pretty slow. I have a Galaxy tablet as well and the same thing happens. My work gear is Apple - iPhone 7s and last generation iPad. My Energizer charger is really light. Feels like an empty soda can when you pick it up. Probably not getting much horsepower out of it.

Do they give you affiliate links? Or can I pick it up on Amazon?


Amazon. They sell through them. Still wait and I will give you an update when the police dept gets it back to me.

If you are using the cables that came with the devices then you should be fine but if you are curious I can write a review about the testers I used and give a link. Or I can just give you a link.



I’m not hitting the road again until next month so I have some time. The biggest pain for me is when I do a long drive and my tablet still doesn’t get to 100% - I use it to watch movies and play whatever silly games my wife loads on it. I keep all of my music on it on an SD card so it’s constantly in use. Since I pass out watching Netflix the thing just runs. I am curious about the tester but don’t feel the need to write anything on my account. Thanks for the info!


My kids love their Nabi products and honestly… This is the first thing I have ever seen that can charge a GPS but the cable you use really maters for that one.

It would not be unusual on a family outing to need all five of those ports, for me anyway. One in college and two in elementary…