Western governments. The liars


So, for what reason would Assad launch a chemical attack, at this point in time, when he’s already, pretty much, won the war?
The only organisations to gain out of this will be the banks and oligarchy.


The constitution requires congressional authorization for use of military forces in Syria. What Trump ordered was outside of his constitutional power and therefore illegal. He only did it to distract from the fact that he is REALLY about to be humiliated, impeached and imprisoned.


The US fired missiles into Syria overnight, targeting a chemical weapons storage site. France & Britain helped coordinate the airstrikes. There were no reported fatalities. Relax.


So… what Obama did with Libya was … legal?.. As far as the Constitution goes… I says in the preamble that the government should ‘Provide for the common defense’… of course liberals and open borders types have taken ‘Common’ to mean everyone in the world and … their neocon friends have redefined ‘defense’ and ‘national or strategic interests’… since we are talking about the constitution…


Striking a country without Congressional approval that did not attack us is unconstitutional. Blatantly unconstitutional as a matter of fact. We were NOT under direct threat and therefore congress makes the decision to use force. Just another FU to the good people of this country by a lawless man.

Oh…and Obama isn’t the President anymore. Trump is. Try to keep up.


I didn’t hear democrats whaling then nor didn’t see them waving their arms frantically… be consistent…


Was that like when Obama blew up Egypt?

Was that like shooting missiles from drones all over the middle east?

Claiming constitution now is a bit late in the game when nothing was said for the previous 8 years.


Ever hear of the war powers act???



The president, as commander in chief, may use military force unilaterally if he decides a strike would be in the national interest, at least when its anticipated nature, scope and duration fall short of “a ‘war’ in the constitutional sense,” as a Clinton administration lawyer wrote in the context of a contemplated intervention in Haiti. We are spread so very thin militarily and in debt up to our hair pieces , it is high time we let those closes to the problem handle it . Where the F*** is the UN in all this ?
Presidents of both parties have a long history of carrying out military operations without authorization from Congress, especially since the end of World War II ,and these days anything president Trump does is illegal according to the left . Exactly when did the left care about the law ?


And thank God for that !!! The little spying weasel that weaponized the IRS, CIA ,FBI , and the federal courts !


The Leftists.didn’t care about the.LAW.when they raided.Cohen’s office .Why should they care now . President Trump did what is LEGAL and RIGHT . The Leftists don’t care about the babies and children that suffered. What did they want , some Stupid Academic discussion.before acting???
.President Trump.consulted with the necessary.people.before ordering the strike .He has the courage to.ACTUALLY make the tough decisions . Liberals and Leftists.go.cry.in.your beer .


That’s why they are so fond of abortion ! They are systematically eliminating everyone’s individual rights and dismantling our Constitution ! They hate the bible , God , police ,babies , family values ,white males, conservative speech , and our history !!!


We left you in the dark ages !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Read the war powers act. Passed by CONGRESS. Try and keep up.

To that end, it requires the President to consult with the legislature “in every possible instance” before committing troops to war.

The resolution also sets down reporting requirements for the chief executive, including the responsibility to notify Congress within 48 hours whenever military forces are introduced “into hostilities or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances.”

Additionally, the law stipulates that Presidents are required to end foreign military actions after 60 days unless Congress provides a declaration of war or an authorization for the operation to continue.


He probably did the minimum necessary to " consult, " with Congress before giving the go ahead for the strike .
Regardless, this sent a message to Lil Kim that he means what he says. Hopefully Assad, Putrid and the Tehrani Towelheads are paying attention and get the message.


You are living proof of just how ignorant liberals are. Educate yourself. Your ignorance offends me.


I’m hardly a Liberal . By going to Congress, one of the Leftists would have leaked it to the press ruining the element of surprise .
Do you believe that the Leftist Subversives in Congress would have kept quiet ??? Congress doesn’t need to be involved in military strike planning .


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