What a load of PC crap


"As happiness researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky explains in Time, some studies indicate that parents are happier than non-parents, whereas others suggest the reverse — it really comes down to the parent and the child.

Her exhaustive analysis of various research revealed, for example:

  • Young parents and parents with small children tend to be particularly unhappy.

  • Fathers, married parents, and empty nesters tend to report especially high life satisfaction, happiness, or meaning.

She notes, however, that “all types of parents reported having more meaning in life than did their childless counterparts, suggesting that the rewards of parenting may be more ineffable than the daily highs (or lows).”"

Where can I get a job as a “happiness reseacher”?

What a total load of crap.


So many articles like this are out there. Having children is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and joyous things that a couple can do. Nothing compares to building a family. I’d put money on the author being a miserable, childless, cat-woman.


Well there is no mold but become a parent is rewarding and will bring much happiness . If you happen to be part of those that have their hand out and think the World owes you everything without having to work for it then your children will follow your actions and be miserable too . We have 4th generation welfare who are ungrateful and miserable and their children grow up the same way , ungrateful and miserable .


Planning is everything.

When I was young 20’s, having children would have been a disaster for them and me. As a mid life parent, adoption was a much better solution and most rewarding.

From the financial side, you don’t worry about providing for children as your direction in life isn set as well as the ability to provide for children. College, no big deal as well as all other costs of having children. Relieves the stress off paycheck to paycheck.

The downside is you have more difficulty keeping up as the energy level is lower that when your a kiddie having children.


Yes, of course you would. And I’d gladly take it because you’d be wrong.

Lyubomirsky lives happily in beautiful Santa Monica, California with her husband, Peter Del Greco, and their children, Gabriella, Alexander, and new additions Isabella and Olivia.