What Are Your Weekend Plans?


I’m gonna plant my 8ft USA flag in the front yard, sit with my Howa up on my roof and hope to hell an Antifag tries to take it.


Going to spend time up in Chicago drinking and catching up with friends for the weekend.

Prepping a bug out bag in case antifa feels like acting on that revolution of theirs.


Has anyone heard about the EMP drill that’s supposed to be done Saturday? Some think it’ll blow us back to the 19th century, others are like “meh, it’s an exercise for ham radio operators.”




Probably play some more Overwatch because I’m a fucking loser with no life.


This…and only THIS.


Made popcorn and waiting for the big ANIFA rally.


Going for a run today, then I have to work on my lawn irrigation system I built that isn’t working right. After that, my day is free. Sunday I’m not doing much. That is if we are all still here after the Antifa supersoldiers campaign to vanquish us :rofl:


You could of course turn you lawn sprinkler on them… I think that they are likely sugar and would melt… :joy:


Probably right. If they are dumb enough to come out to the sticks the sprinklers would probably be enough to keep the left wing hordes at bay.


The people down the street have parties on the weekends, 30-40 High School kiddies with daddies vehicle.

I turn my rotor sprinklers toward the road and turn them on them when people pull up.

Amazing how few people park in front of my house.


Nasty Racist Bigot…! :+1:


It’s 11:15 AM here in Mississippi. Cracked a beer, got the smoker going, listening to some country music and getting some wood gathered up for a bonfire later tonight.


That sounds like more fun that what we’re doing. Cleaning out the garage :sob:


I’m hanging out with a very close friend.