What Cellphone or Smartphone Do You Use?


I generally get curious about what kind of devices people use and why. I have my own specific preferences when it comes to buying smartphones and for me if a phone doesn’t have certain features, I take it off my list.

I use the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I don’t like keeping a phone in a case so I had a skin put on the phone. For me, I also need a phone that has an expandable memory slot. I also like a lot of screen area for watching movies and reading documents for work. I chose Samsung because their Galaxy line (with the exception of the Note 7) is generally very reliable. I’ve never had a problem with the hardware. In terms of the stock Samsung software, some of it is useful but for the most part I don’t do anything with it. One of the big standouts for me with the S7 was the Edge screen with notification. It’s really handy to have when the phone is on it’s side to have a streaming ticker of notifications.

So, what cellphone / smartphone do you use and why?


I like my iPhone 6 plus .


I use to the LG V30 and IMHO it’s one of the best phones ever made.


I use an Alcatel 2g flip phone… you ain’t following me around…


But they are following you around.
Your tracked from cell tower to cell tower just by turning on your phone.


iPhone 5s.

I’ll use it till it breaks.


Yeah that target is pretty big compared to GPS … and unlike the newer phones that can still tracked when they are ‘off’… mine isn’t that way and it isn’t on all the time…


My work gives all employees a phone so I just use that. I don’t see the point in paying for a phone or carrying around a separate phone when I have to keep my work phone on me at all times. I have the iPhone 7 Plus. I don’t particularly love it, but I’m not paying for it :money_mouth_face:


samsung galaxy s7. Got it for $250 after peopel were dumping it en masse when the 8 came out. THis is my second smart phone ever, the first being a lg g flex 2, that got itself into a permanent boot-loop after about 3 years of usage.


With new phones coming out so quickly it’s probably pretty easy to get a good deal if you look for one.


Especially when smart phones cost as much as a laptop nowadays, and thats not the only similarity. More complicated parts into a confined space meaning at some point over its life time, one part would fail and sometimes render the entire thing useless.


Microsoft Windows Phone 10.


IPhone SE. Only Apple user in my family lol. Why? Easy no bloatware like the Android phones. Yes I’d switch to a pixel as it is stock Android, but they are not available for my cell carrier.


I loved my Windows Phone when it was Win 8. Probably my favorite mobile OS ever.

I use a RVVL. All I need my phone to do is call, text, and run spotify without crashing.


Well if there is ever a chance to get a good deal switching carriers, I recommend the Pixel. I have a real issue with Google’s corporate policies but they make a damn good phone.


I have a Cubot Note S running on Android.


I’ve heard those are as close as you can get to Samsung specs without the price tag.



I luv my alcatel 2g track me not… :joy: … speaking of price tags :joy::joy::joy:


@Scott you know you can get a VPN for your phone. Right? I couldn’t live without my smartphone. I hook it up to a monitor and keyboard and use it as a computer!

Galaxy S8+


I have an iPhone. I think it’s the iPhone 5. I got it new in 2013.

I’m too old to enjoy watching videos or looking at pictures on anything that is phone sized. I have a regular iPad that isn’t bad for that stuff, but I generally prefer a bigger screen. When I needed to get my first smartphone in 2013, I looked at several but decided to try the iPhone. I had used early Macs in college in the late 80’s and liked them more than PC computers. I’d never had a chance to buy anything Mac related in the intervening years. I absolutely refused to buy a Windows phone. A friend spoke about the good build quality and support for the Mac products, so I decided to give this one a try.

I use an Otterbox to keep mine protected. I like something very solid for when life causes bumps and bruises. I don’t use that many apps. I occasionally use Facebook or Twitter when I’m just sitting somewhere waiting. I don’t enjoy them as much on the small screen, but that’s better than nothing. I’ve checked mail on the built-in app. I’ve checked a local newspaper. I occasionally use a map, but I don’t trust GPS.

My big complaint is that sometimes the phone app stalls for some reason. I’ll have to open and close the app a few times to make a call. Sometimes, I have to reboot entirely. To me, that performance is unacceptable. A phone should always be immediately and reliably available to use as a phone.

I’m in no hurry to change. This phone is familiar, and life is too short to spend my time learning new phones. I’ll keep this one as long as it’s functional. When the time comes that I must change, I’ll see what’s available.