What Did You Eat Today?


For at least Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, what have you eaten today?

I’m currently eating a Jacks Pizza with sausage and Peperoni on it.
Also eating cheesy puffs, kitchen cooked brand.
Drinking Diet Snapple Peach Ice Tea with lots of ice in it.

Having Frank’s Red Hot Original sauce on pizza.




Republicans…I eat them for breakfast. Daily.


$5 sucky? Do you take food stamp as payment?




That’s disgusting. Although I should NOT be surprised by such an incel response.


Coming from a response implying youre either a cannibal or just a phallic-loving foodie. I have plenty here, first come first served.


Shrimp Toast and Chicken Nuggets.


Bacon, Egg, and Cheese w/ salt, pepper, and ketchup. All homemade including the kaiser rolls. Only thing not homemade is the cheese.


I’ve chased you off many times …


I knew you were a fag


Breakfast: Bacon. Egg and Cheese Bagel
Lunch : Some Potato chips. Baked beans , kidney beans.lima beans and bacon in tomato sauce
Dinner : Sirloin steak, pasta and peas.:+1:


Sirloin Steak sounds good! So does bacon, and the baked beans!



My Doberman bitch loves the Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos.

As I shop, she waits in the car with either the air conditioner or the heater running…or just the windows open if the weather is mild.

I generally buy two large bags. She and I will occasionally consume one of them on the way home…and it’s only a 4 mile trip!


For dinner I had a porkchop, a slice of tomato, and some broccoli.
Steak sauce, and ranch on broccoli.


I’ve only been eating dinner for the past 15 years, no breakfast or lunch for this guy. I had manicotti and a salad for dinner and it was scrumptious!


Can you guys please stop entertaining these threads…your just going to encourage more of this. What’s next?..“what’s your favorite ice cream flavor”…:laughing:


We’re in the lounge. So, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the sort of stuff that we can, and should be talking about here.

You did realize that we were in the lounge correct?


I hang wherever…I’m a cool cat…:sunglasses: