What Did You Eat Today?


And this is civil???



Gyoza, Botan rice.
Matsutake/teriyaki chicken.
Winter squash.


This is likely animal abuse and you should be reported to the Humane Society. Only a Republican would do this to an animal. Unbelievable!


How many blacks were shot last weekend in towns run by Democrats?


I suspect he would also feed them to you and feel no guilt.


Lounge a place you can go and forget about politics and other matters.

At least that’s the intent.


What are you talking about


That’s like telling me to shut up… and you wouldn’t Do it to my face so don’t don’t here key board commando… I’m responding to him… and your lounge comment was off topic also… so go play with your self.




You would never, I was defending my boy asaratis. So just calm down, I was flowing with the thread. If you need a tampon I can’t help you. Anyway I had Boston house of pizza last night it was ok!


Let delete my posts as you are a worthless cause and pathetic.


But I made home made fettuccine Alfredo Two days ago. I followed Gordon Ramsey recipe


My Lab is probably one of the luckiest dogs on the planet. Her own large dog bed, a futon, a large hassock, and a Lazy boy recliner. 4 food bowls - 2 water bowls; and she still catches & eats Wood Rats. Anyway, roast chicken yesterday, and I have a large frozen boneless chicken thigh, and left over mashed potatoes , so chicken thigh shepherds pie today.


I would not waste them on GIZO. They are too precious! Let him buy or steal his own delicacies.


“Yourself” is one word…as are “myself”, “herself” and “himself”.

Get yourself educated.


“Homemade” is also one word.

You’re not very good at this shit!


Thanks man for correcting my IPHONE lol I just assume she’s correct I should probably proof read! Your the best buddy!


I choose ( more or less ) poetic license when I post. Like, there is grate & there is great. I use great, because I just like the spelling. Like that.


My cheese grater is greater than your cheese grater.


For lunch, a 3-slice Pepper Jack cheese sandwich on whole grain wheat bread put through the toaster, then buttered and squished down in a hot George Foreman grille until the bread is golden brown and the cheese is oozing out … a scoop of jalapeno peppers … followed by a healthy dose of 90% cocoa dark chocolate and a fourth cup of black coffee.