What Did You Eat Today?


Ganna go vote today. So far I’ve only had a little bit of whole milk, and orange juice(pulp free), but I’m just waking up.

Had some sunflower seeds also. I eat the shells also.


Nor on Jitsu, the mentality of a 2 year old.


I just had Broccoli Cheddar Soup to go from Panera Bread for lunch.
It hit the spot.


I believe I will make some cabbage noodles. A poor man’s recipe from Central Europe, that has become very popular here in PA’s Coal Regions. But ya gotta use bacon fat; and if not, don’t bother to make it.


Sounds goooooood …


Lame guys…really lame…:rofl:


19 yo Greek girl last nite but I was trying to be nice


i haven’t eaten a thing and don’t plan to… sometimes it is good to not eat for a day or so


I had cheddar crackers, and cheddar jalapeno hot dogs for breakfast.


I’m addicted to Jumbo sunflower seeds! Of course I am on blood pressure meds, so maybe I should cut back on the salt. lol.

I bought a pumpkin for Halloween just for show. Didn’t carve it or nothing. I remember as a kid carving into them, and making funny faces with them. Also taking the seeds out of them, and baking them, and salting them. Pumpkin seeds are good baked!

Couple years back, after I quit smoking cigarettes, my taste buds just exploded on me, and I always loved food, but now it’s like 10 times better! lol.


Only democrats care about animals more than they do unborn babies.


No more than most dog food, which is mostly processed grains as well.


Cabbage noodle recipe. DO NOT CUT CORNERS. Medium head of cabbage, cored & cut into ( maybe ) 1 inch pieces. Large pot ( I use a large cast iron Dutch oven ), so I can stir without pieces of cabbage flying all over the place. On medium heat, melt 3 or 4 tablespoons of bacon fat. YOU MUST USE BACON FAT !!! Stir in the cabbage & mix to coat well. Then reduce heat to medium - low, and stir well every 15 or so minutes. I keep the pot covered for maybe 45 minutes. You can adjust the heat & time. The cabbage will begin to wilt & soften. Then begin to stir on medium heat until you see cabbage begin to caramelize ( dark spots ). The cabbage will be soft and already tasty. Mix the cabbage into a large bowl with a bag of cooked large egg noodles. A poor man’s recipe. I figure somewhere in Transylvania ( way back ) someone said. I’m fucking starving, but all I got is some flour, a cabbage, and a bucket of bacon fat. The rest is history.


Heading to the market now to buy some cabbage


Do you have bacon fat???


Yes I have an Albanian market next to me


An Albanian may have a good cabbage noodle recipe. The very first time I made it, I cut corners, and par boiled the cabbage. I ended up with cabbage noodle baby food. The trick is to let the cabbage slowly cook down in the bacon fat. PATIENCE. In my area of PA, it’s called Haluski or Halushki. I haven’t seen an on line recipe that calls for bacon fat. Must be some liberal fucking with people’s diets. I like food that tastes like food. The bacon fat is what give it the flavor.


My Doberman gets premium, grain-free, canned meat…twice a day, Blue Buffalo grain free dog treats on demand, smoked salmon and whole cans sardines on occasion.

I rarely eat steaks, but when I do come them, it’s one for me…one for her. The same applies to skinless chicken breasts and thick, lean pork steaks…which I steam or grill more often.

She also gets an Omega-3 supplement squirted on her canned food weekly, Heartgard and NexGard monthly, complete physical checkups and blood work yearly, kennel cough and other shots yearly.

She craves the Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos and gets limited amounts fewer times than twice a month. When we share a bag, I consume 90% of it.

My dog is quite healthy and definitely not mistreated.


…as does suet.


My Lab catches & eats Wood Rats. I guess she feels she must supplement her diet of her enormous selection of high end dog foods, every ham & steak bone that surfaces, while she lounges in her Lazy boy recliner. I also give her brewers yeast & cod liver oil ( prevents hip joint problems ). Also a raw egg once or twice a week.