What Did You Eat Today?


Had some orange juice. Eating ritz crackers, with honey ham lunch meat, blocked mild cheddar cheese, turkey lunch meat.


Breakfast: 6 eggs over easy, 4 slice of scrapple ( with syrup ), 4 slices of bacon, 4 pieces of toast with strawberry preserves, 3 cups of coffee & 3 or 4 cigarettes. ------------------------------------------- Scrapple , also known by the Pennsylvania Dutch name Pannhaas or “pan rabbit”, is traditionally a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices. The mush is formed into a semi-solid congealed loaf, and slices of the scrapple are then pan-fried before serving.


I have to be careful feeding Skeeter bones…she tries to swallow them whole.

Last month I gave her a large ham bone from a boiled dish. It was large enough that she had to crunch it up a bit to eat it…but it was gone in about 30 seconds.


Are you a farmer?

Serious question. It seems like a lot for one meal. But all sounds like good eating.
I’ve heard stories about how farmers have a huge breakfast with a lot to eat, because they skip lunch to stay out and work all day, then come back in for dinner.


That breakfast gives me energy for my next two or three meals. I weigh 170 pounds.


Only 4 over light for me this AM.

Your 6 reminds me of a story from many years ago. After a night of drinking beer and eating bar snacks, a friend and I went to an all night cafe for a 3am breakfast.

I ordered and ate 6 scrambled eggs…with bacon, biscuits & gravy. The waitress could not believe when I said they were so good that I wanted 6 more. They arrived (along with more biscuits and gravy) and I ate all of them also.

I actually tasted eggs for the next three days.


I did have a Malamute. Sled dogs have evolved to be able to eat most bones. I mean they eat frozen fish, bones and all. I know I would throw her a turkey carcass, and she would gobble it up. Never a problem. An incredibly powerful dog; very very gentle; but not really a pet. I more or less shared space with her. She had a dog door, but only came into the house once a day, and walked around for a minute or two; and then back out. I would see a plie of snow in the yard, and she would be sleeping under it; her tail over her nose to keep the air warmed up. Sled dogs have hair & fur. In the Spring I would use the bamboo grass rake to clean off the fur she was shedding. She love it.


That’s cool. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I eat two medium breakfast’s within 2 hours apart usually, so I can relate to that some what.


same here, except for the part about getting a pumpkin

I make pumpkin pie out of them. Why people just toss them in the trash after halloween is beyond me… great pie… wish i had some now


I love pumpkin pie!!! it’s 2nd favorite dessert. Just behind Strawberry cheesecake!


frosted shredded wheats with milk.


oh yeh… u and i “think” alike… taste buds alike…

cheesecake is one of my top favs…

i don’t like that syrupy strawberry stuff a lot of folks put on it but… (I don’t eat white sugar if I c an help it… not healthy)


OK, Snap Dogs. Ya gotta find the beef hot dogs with the natural casing. Cast iron pan & 1/4 or so inch of water. Bring to boil & drop in the dogs. Can be covered, but WATCH the water level. When the water has just about evaporated, drop in two teaspoons butter. Brown the dogs in the butter, moving them around. And done. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now The Sauce. Frying pan & two or three tablespoons olive oil. One medium onion chopped fine. Into the pan & begin to saute. When onions begin to get sort of clear, add a teaspoon or less if you like, of granulated garlic ( it liquifies ), one teaspoon of Louisiana hot sauce, 1/2 to one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. , & 1/2 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce. Cook it up. I put it in the bun first to contiain it, not on top of he dog. All ingedients can be adjusted to taste. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oh, the casings on the hot dogs “snap” when you bite in; and so the term Snap Dogs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find the Potato Hot Dog rolls. Much more substantial.


I wasn’t saying you did mistreat your dog, quite the opposite, you maybe should have directed your post to the person who did.


Making me miss my old state, Delaware, nothing better than a scrapple, over easy, cheese sub with lettuce, tomato and mayo for breakfast. We used to make scrapple on my grandfathers farm in North Carolina when I was a kid from his hog scraps.


sounds good except for the hot dog buns… not too healthy last time i heard


Moderation. I eat lots of unhealthy stuff, I just do it rarely. I’d rather not get an extra twenty years of life if that means I have to be miserable my whole life.


Just ate some beef stew. Out of a can.


I know, but you had quoted GIZO where he did make such a claim. I assumed that readers would understand that.

I’ll go back and fix it to remove all doubt that you are a great guy.


Used to eat the Dinty Moore when I was younger, make my own now. The trick with beef stew is, dredge beef liberally with flour and add tomato paste later. Throw some turnips in there with the eastern potatoes, never russets, new or red potatoes can be used in a pinch if you don’t like peeling but eastern’s are best because they harden as opposed to go to mush with long cooking. Lots of carrots, no not baby peeled carrots, real carrots ya dope. Some beef broth and garlic. Finely diced onion, oh and use olive oil to sweat the onions and carrots. Cook on low heat all day. Yumm.