What Did You Eat Today?


No biggy just wanted to be sure I wasn’t getting the blame. My dogs are low grain too. And I’l feed them crunchy cheeto’s every once in a while too if I want to.


That’s what brand I had. Home made is usually better in most cases.

About to have garlic buttered toast 3of them. Also a bunch of catfish nuggets, several are covered in shake in bake.


Rule number one of not being fat, never waste calories on bread, unless it’s my thanksgiving stuffing, because it is worth dying for.


bread is nothing but carbs. This is true.

So is it only your stuffing, or stuffing in general that is worth dying for?


Mine of course, plus, stuffing isn’t that deadly anyway.


I think that most people during Christmas and Thanksgiving get a free pass on at least those 2 days of the year food wise.


Get a pass from who?


I just mean that they should be able to eat whatever they want for those 2 days.

A pass from themselves, or a diet, or eating healthy.


Quiche Lorraine - - - eggs, butter, swiss cheese, bacon, heavy cream. You can feel your heart laboring while you’re swallowing. But it is delicious.


For a second, I had images of guys with glasses in white coats taking a break from their test tubes to munch down on some … rats.


Enjoying some black coffee right now. Had some cereal earlier.
Ganna eat a porkchop after my coffee.


me too

I like Jesus so if I could die and be with him, that would be great… leave all the antichrists behind … yep

Jesus is just all right with me… :slight_smile: as the song says

as to what I’ve eaten today: only a banana… bc it was there. I am not hungry, i guess


Black coffee is the best for you…zero calories.


No thanks, stains the enamel, put some milk in it, it won’t kill you.


I brush with baking soda after the coffee taste is gone.

The milk trick is a myth.



Interesting, I always thought lightening it would reduce staining. Good to know, even though I switched to tea five years ago, coffee keeps me up at night, tea doesn’t.


I drink coffee only in the mornings…2 to 4 cups…black. I brush my teeth about an hour after the last cup…using plain baking soda only once or twice a week.

I brush with toothpaste about 3 or 4 times a day.

Tea will stain enamel also.

Milk will cause plaque.

Water will not do either!


Yeah I know tea also causes staining, I doubt it is as bad as coffee though, given it’s lighter. I could of course be wrong about that too.


Likely so. I’ve gotten into Arizona Zero Calorie Green Tea…must have about 200 empty 1 gal. plastic jugs in the garage.

There’s just so many boat bailing scoops a man can need. I keep two in each boat. That leaves me with about 196 jugs to find uses for. Suggestions are welcome.


If you are drinking that much tea, urine receptacles springs to mind lol.