What happens when a migrant in Germany meets people from Poland 🤣



American everywhere could learn a thing or two. No arguments. No talk. No sucker punches. The fat guy giving the kick to the ribs was the best part.


So where’s the German???


There is no German - it’s an African migrant in Germany. Although I think the Germans will tell you that the migrants are Germans now.


Oh I see, gotcha…


Those two would be prosecuted, have their names, addresses and work places doxxxed fomr their licence plates etc… if they are in the US. That boy din du muffin.


I know. It would be great if we were able to go back to simpler times - when bothering people resulted in an asskicking.


Oh nose! Germans have blonde hair and blue eyes.

That’s David Hogg in black face!


Asaratis, I like that thread.:grin: