What Is This - Black Congress Is The New Orange?



They gravitate towards the graft and corruption , they have an hatred for law enforcement and rule don’t apply to them , victims one and ALL ! :roll_eyes:


And they still have to gall to play despotism on his way out


These people just don’t quit!

How this piece of shit lasted as long as he did in Congress is incredible. I can’t imagine people in Detroit lining up to vote for this clown. He probably paid for each and every single vote with nothing but promises of more welfare and less police “harassment” in the hood.


What people, Politicians…Oh No you probably mean democrats.

Here’s a list of sexual impropriety from 1776 until the present.



Irrelevant to my point or the op.


Are you saying that black Democrats don’t support wealth redistribution?


In case you’re talking to me no, I haven’t even been discussing that here.


The deeper tragedy here is not the skin tone of these pols; it is not even their personal corruption; it is that their pandering, and undeliverable promises keep their districts in a state of hopeless, lawless, soulless chaos.

There is little doubt of the damage done by a culture that endured hate and unfairness for so long, that it defaulted to vengeful hatred before it could embrace tolerance, let alone forgiveness. This moral and ethical decay has been perpetuated by hucksters like Conyers, et. al. for generations.

Are White pols corrupt- of course, but White people are repelled by corruption; urban Black people have gotten token rewards for allowing it - a public pool here, a basketball court there- but with a narrative that all the dysfunction is the fault of White people (and the GOP to hear Ol’ Joe ‘get your filthy hands off my wife!’ Biden tell it).

But even more damaging is the narrative that it can’t be changed, because of ‘oppression’ or ‘racism’ or you name it. It is that fatalism that feeds what Bill Cosby described in the “Pound Cake Speech” http://www.eightcitiesmap.com/transcript_bc.htm

The culture must change, and those who call any questioning of it ‘racist’ are every bit as contemptible as Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, or Sheila Dixon.