What music are you listening to right now?


Put this on after a few beers on a nice spring or summer day. Trust me.


Tommy Emmanuel playing Cannonball Rag - it is in part a lesson; I am working through learning it (though I doubt I’ll ever match his level). You can skip to 1:05 for the performance




Try this game soundtrack sometime.


This will make you want to take out the guitar and feel insignificant all at the same time.


IMHO there is not a better cover of Stevie Winwood’s classic…


What is a higger? Is that just a sensor bypass?


Ok I will relax after I get this posted… Just gotta get the greats out there…


Grampa it’s the mans last name… simple as that…


Maybe my parents just had a cruel sense of humor?


Now that’s the kind of name a guy can get beat up over. How did you survive to adulthood?


I swear you fooled me, seriously. I didn’t pay attention and I thought your name was “Hate Niggers.” My bad, I am sorry that I perceived you as a rayseest.


It depends what neighborhood he hangs around also though.


Yeah ok
I was born yesterday


And it was in the dark…


I despise liberals, progressives and most of all idiot rightwingers who damage our cause with antiquated hate.

Simple enough?


What do you recommend Gramps? Should we keep voting Republican? Or maybe Democrat to speed things up? We have Congress (both houses) and the Presidency. It worked out real well so far, nothing’s got done.



Yes real simple… You are drawing your conclusion on a screen name… You don’t know this man… Is it beyond comprehension that his name could be Nate Higgers? Judging first impressions such as this is the easy thing to do… Get to know the man before you start throwing rocks…