What music are you listening to right now?


Who the hell listens to bluegrass? Besides toothless rednecks, that is. :slight_smile:


That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla…and 31 flavors at BR.

Ever heard a good steel drum band?

Ever heard whales sing?


Ole king TuT is just trying to blow smoke… Don’t pay any attention to him I don’t…


I listen to Blues(B B KING) , hard rock. ACDC etc. Some oldies especially the MoTown sound and some Cajun music when it’s own a public radio station and some 1930s and 40s Jazz .


Concierto De Aranjuez by Jim Hall



The theme song to “Murder, She Wrote”.

I hear it every hour, on the hour…until I hear the beginning of “Hart to Hart”.

Then I go to bed.

Today is another day!







I know you meant classic…but it reminded me of classical.

I often keep my TV tuned to Music Channel-Light Classical. I especially like when the superb guitarists are playing.


I’m pretty well rounded for music… I like most everything except rap and opera. Interestingly enough though, while I never liked rap as a music form I always found impromptu rappers to be pretty extraordinary. As the genre has matured I even find some of it… umm… acceptable. Good Spanish guitar is always a winner… and while I am no aficionado on classical music, I find pleasure in most of it that I hear.


Ditto on the rap crap. Opera videos are often interesting…especially when the soprano is a highly talented hotty. I also like to listen to the more talented male tenors.


A refined pallet is see… I never could get my head around it… I can appriciate the talent in their vocal range and control but I like to understand what they are saying… hum… their is some hypocracy there I think… I grew up with rock and metal and I couldn’t understand them most of the time… and then of course their were those misunderstandings…

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy” :man_shrugging:



A other one for you ! :wink:



Hey there, everyone! I’m wondering if you can give me any good suggestions for heavy metal music. The thing is, though - I feel extremely uncomfortable listening to anything problematic, so please, take that into account. That means: I will not listen to any heavy metal that contains overt misogyny or depicts women :crown: as sexual objects. Absolutely no toxic :biohazard:️ masculinity or male power fantasy. That means anything using the ‘f’ word, or anything that conflates manhood with aggression or dominance. No racism, even crypto-racism such as musical depiction of conflict with chaotic evil fantasy races such as goblins or orcs.


This is what top tier larping looks like.