What music are you listening to right now?



Listening to music is an expression of white privilege. Instead, I like to view rap videos with the sound turned off and watch strong black men enjoying hip hop and moving powerfully.


Bet you like watching football and the boys patting each other on the butt.





Ewwww…:fearful: :astonished:


I listen to dang near everything. My main stuff is EDM and that dreamy cloud type rap.

That mid 2000’s whiny emo music will always hold a place in my heart though.


Oh, Thank You So Much Dalia… Had I been thinking about it, it would have been one I would have chosen for your listing pleasure but since you shared it with me… I thought you might enjoy this one :wink:


For you Sir !





This song reminds me of what I’ll become once I get SRS and it makes me so excited!


So, are you planning to shave or just be a bearded woman? There’s a place for you in a freak show.


Freak shows are so passe… the planet is being overrun with them… now ‘normal’… that is a rarity because of course nothing is normal anymore.