What music are you listening to right now?



I don’t listen to crap ( rap,hip hop) music. In addition to blues ,I like Motown music, Cajun music, Opera Arias, Hard Rock , Heavy Metal and some Jazz.:blush:


That might be my favorite song of all time. The funny thing is, I don’t like anything else that they did!


Here’s Donovan back when he was a Dylan-wannabee. It’s kind of funny to see him singing like that, he was a much better singer when he came into his own.


I’m a big fan of 70’s prog rock


Funny factoid: Dusty Springfield was a lesbian. She lived for awhile with this woman, Carol Pope, singer for an obscure 80’s new wave band


a lot of heavy metal is just percussive head-banging stuff. This band does it, too - but their best stuff has good melodies, not just thumping drums, and the lead guitarist, Dave Mustaine, is a great one.


a good song for my fashy friends


An amusing song from the early days of MTV. “Bang Bang” shot full of love


Another amusing video - a hero in Denmark does the surf classic. That’s enough right there to quit NATO.




Love what Duke does with that music box chordal piano, been trying to do that on my guitar working up a solo piece for this tune.

The Rabbit Hole

Nice thread.
I saw George Thorogood and the Destroyers 2 weeks ago at Solomons Island, Maryland. Good rock and roll band!



I love youtube. I saw these guys as the first (of two) warmup bands for Alice Cooper. Kind of obscure band formed from remnants of Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly. Their debut album was fantastic, their second one stunk on ice.


I’m a sucker for simple, emotional pop music with sexual overtones. Guilty pleasure.


This is truly one of my favorites …:+1:


Joe Bonamassa ROCKS!