What should be done to lower London's gun, knife crime and acid attacks?


The death toll of London’s violence has reached 50 this year and bear in mind that this statistic doesn’t include the multiple stabbings to which the victim survives.
Blair’s education system and poor college structure, has failed many in society, sending them instead, into careers of crime and violence. This has been compounded by the very biased and callous attitude of Sidiq Khan - who is not fit for office.


The fact that they passed up NYC in crime, doesnt help either


Time to ban refugees and crazy people . :wink:


Then stop importing terrorist ! If you want open borders and want to welcome people from every known terrorist Country , fine deal with it !!


I know what will work, but they wouldn’t like it. Pass a law that requires the death penalty for any crime committed with a deadly weapon. That includes robbery, assault, rape, murder. Eventually, everyone inclined to commit such a crime will be dead. It works, but bleeding heart liberals will never go for it. They murder babies by the millions, but wouldn’t dream of ever harming a single hair on the head of the worst mass murderer.


Enact concealed weapons permits, stop importing terrorists, thugs and enact laws that set standards for non citizens to acquire residency status. Bring back Public Executions for all VIOLENT crimes.


How about another Crusade?


Yes, Lets start with the U.K. and then onto the MIDEAST!!!


But does it work? Many states in America have the death penalty for murder, but that doesn’t stop everyone. I suspect it might reduce gun / knife crime, but not eradicate it.


Like I said, it’s not supposed to be a deterrent. It is designed as a punishment that fits the crime. Also, I’ve never seen a dead man shoot someone. Have you?


Well, yes that would kill off the existing gun / knife crime culprits, but then you’ll have generations born after them and the same thing will reoccur, again and again.
I think the real answer is to ban the, currently legal, source of guns / knives - gun / knife shops and to have gun / knife amnesty days, whereby weapons are handed in, without fear of incrimination. This happened some years ago in the UK and, I believe, Northern Ireland. I also think we may well end up with double the cctv cameras, along with ones with speakers, that the operator demands instructions through and authoritive weapons like blinding lights and unmanned water cannon (remote controlled). Sounds far fetched, I know, but so was Orwell’s 1984 at the time.


Who said I wanted them in the US? If it was up to me, they would be probing for mines in the NK DMZ with a sledgehammer.


Maybe you guys should demand the equivalent of the 2nd Amendment and learn to protect yourselves.


You weren’t talking about the UK were you?.. surely not… They don’t have the barbaric death penalty and won’t extradite anyone to a place that has it if the chance of receiving the death penalty. Currently the US wants for the UK to extradite two Islamic militants but the British government wants an explicate promise that they will not 1) receive a death sentence and 2) not be seen to Guantanamo Bay… :man_shrugging:


Who the f*ck do they think they are, harboring fugitives from justice, and having the nerve to tell us how to punish them?


We could make that promise, give them a fair trial, and then have them shot while trying to escape. :slight_smile:


Get rid of all the muslims. Allow people to carry guns for protection.


The onspoken truth about death penalty is that it may not eliminate crime, but it dpes eliminate criminals


Make London white again. That would reduce crime back to the petty crime level. In other words, get rid of all the aliens squatting in Great Britain.


And the winner is ^^^