What should be done to lower London's gun, knife crime and acid attacks?


Surely all they really need are more muslime mayors right?


If you thought the UK couldn’t get any more anal about guns and knives screwing up the Utopia of the country… Their is this:


Just lock everybody up and be done with it.


Deport ALL MUSLIMS to Germany for Chancellor Merkel to take care of since she wants them . Hopefully this would give rise to the AFD to assume power.


The death penalty will not deter all murders but it will have a deterrent effect that makes it useful. Some neighbourhoods, communities and societies are naturally more violent than others. They would become safer but perhaps not completely safe. But if the existence of the death penalty reduced the murder rate in London by 50%, wouldn’t that make it worth reintroducing?


And then, after the AFD assumes power, they’ll all get deported to Afghanistan. Problem solved.


Get rid of muslims, Indians, and anyone else whose “culture” supports the maiming and killing of others.


Yeah I think they have repeatedly asked for the problems they currently have --LOL Maybe a ban on the latest weapon used is in order --LOL


If one examines the maximum security/minimum security prison population, comparing the minority groups’ proportion of national violent crime rates AND their proportion of the national population, you can locate the undesirable populations. Deportations and executions should swiftly follow. Crime rates will collapse over night.


Chain mail and rubber suites ?image


When we have figured out how to resolve our approximate 100 gun deaths per day and approximately 200 woundings then maybe we’ll be in a position to advise others??


Where are you getting your data from? Based upon your DNC talking point numbers, only one-third of firearm deaths consist of homicides; most other gun deaths count as suicides.


Correction: The average for murder and suicide deaths by gun for the last few years is 62.76% suicides per day.
with 94 intentional deaths by gun, 35 by homicide, 59 by suicide.

For the yearly average by suicide and murder:
It is 62.96% by suicide
34,363 total with 12,726 by homicide and 21,637 by suicide


View CDC data on people killed by guns each year


Since when have Indians condoned killing others? Or is this a general ‘all brown people are bad’ kind of rant?


Well we could start by looking back at the many failures that created much of todays moral and social outlook in America today… One- I would say that one of the largest mistakes made by the ‘fixit’ dems was to place towerblocks of black residents in the most socially and economically deprived part of major cities and expect anything good to come from it. Second, it would seem that many of the people who are shooting don’t have much fear of the people they are shooting at or the police departments that are afraid to go into some of these neighborhoods (Can you say… No Go Zones American Style) Then of course are the many laws and social movements that work tirelessly to separate fathers from their families… just to name a couple…

Its not really about figuring out what is wrong… a reasonable person understands the problems and even have solutions BUT… It is the progressive thought process that plays in their heads over and over again… “We will never go back” that seem to be the most tangible obsticle to addressing our social ills…


We had high rates of gun deaths and woundings long before Muslims became a topic of conversation in the good old USA!!


Your “high rates of gun deaths” includes 63% of intentional gun deaths recorded as SUICIDES.


I most certainly agree with you their but I would say that we had far less when relative moralism wasn’t the guiding light of society… or before social programs trapped millions of people in tower blocks in the middle of the worse social and economic conditions they could imagine… collateral damage…


I would say that the deliberate ‘browning’ of America added an entirely new level of social problems… wouldn’t you?


This is literally 0.04% of the US population.

Current gun control laws are 99.996% effective.

Leftists BTFO as usual.