What type of keyboard do you use?


Just to get an idea about some things for a review I am doing.

I am not giving options I want to hear what you have to say. It is fine to say the one that came with my computer.


A rather dated Belkin wireless 280 that comes with far more features then I ever really use…


Would you be interested a new keyboard? Would you read a review of one? Is wireless a necessity?

Do you do much typing?

I am not expecting an answer just some things to think about. That KB is OLD! I have had old ones that I loved and I even had my fingerprints embedded into the keys with no letters on them. ASD were worn off and home-row was faded.


No… I generally do as I come across them and… no, not really…

I am however attracted to shiny things… a bane of my existence… and I love the idea of the Razer
Blackwidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard almost excites me… until I see the price tag and realize that I really don’t need it…


I have one similar to that coming. Razer mechanical switches and back-lit multi-color…


:joy::joy::joy: It goes back to what was being discussed on another thread… I do try to get and care for the best of those things I need… I just don’t need much of a keyboard to do what I do… I don’t really program and I’m not a gamer… but I can damn well bend your ear here… :rofl:


What I use:

This keyboard they are sending me has got a high bar get over.


Fancy… way to much overkill for me… I’m still working with a core duo quad processor and I keep patching things up to keep it relevant as it is still quite capable of office and fairly comprehensive spreadsheet… but its not much good for any games produced after 2010 or so…

One of these days I’m going to have to sit down and design and build another one that will last me for another 10 or 12 years… maybe then I will spring for a keyboard with backlighting and clicky keys…

Currently I am working on a sonos style sound system using raspberry pi and some audio components to make an on all the time multi room system that standbys for all units at less that 50 watts… its a trick to put together but I’m plodding along


Hey if it is all you need ant it meets your needs…

The keyboard is really simple and fairly standard, that is one of the things I love about it. The thing I love most is the feel though. The keys are not the clicky Cherry MX blue keys though. The one they are sending is supposed to be (Razer switches) and it is quite affordable. I will keep my current keyboard though, because I doubt I will want to swap this monster out.


I use the Razer Deathstalker Expert


The big clunky keys are getting trendy again. I am a real snob about key travel so these keyboards don’t appeal to me at all. It’s getting harder to find high-end keyboards that aren’t heading in this direction.

That being said, I haven’t tried any of the new keyboards that have this configuration. I’m still scarred from the keyboard I had to type on when I ran a BBS back in the 90s. Too many years on those monster keys.


How do you like the feel? Razer makes some good products.

Alone with the GB keyboard I use a NAGA mouse and a Tartarus Chroma for design and engineering work. It keeps my active and lowers fatigue.

Being able to go down to 100 DPI on a mouse and up to 8200 is awesome!

I use a 32 inch 4K monitor so it makes a big difference.


AHHH the old dial up BBS systems. Fun! How many copies of autocad went out over your site?


I really like Razer products. I actually just picked up their Mamba mouse. On laptops, I am a big fan of the SteelSeries line that MSI uses. Alienware also has an excellent stock keyboard.

The feel on the Razer keyboard is excellent. Enough resistance to know you are hitting the key with very low key travel. I also like the backlight. Bright enough to type in the pitch black but not blinding. I have had this Razer keyboard for about two years and it gets a lot of use. I’ve been looking at new ones not because one is needed, but because I like upgrading.


Damn… I feel like one of those people invited to the club only to find on arrival that everyone else is in a Porsche Carrera and you drive up to that valet in a 95 nissan micra…with faded paint :cry:


But how about the low end? Lowest DPI is what is needed for precision work.

Excerpt from an old review:

To test absolute precision of this (or any mouse) is more difficult than most would consider. The two biggest factors contributing to actually testing the precision of a device are the surface (texture and reflectiveness) and the human being. The reason that neither is eliminated from the testing is a mouse is not always used on a (the) perfect surface and the size; shape and weight of the mouse have a great impact on how precise the end user will actually be with the mouse.

This test was rather simple. The DPI sensitivity levels were changed to levels commensurate with functional usage (8200 DPI is useful in some situations but generally only practiced users can masterfully control it at that high setting) with 100 being the highest precision setting followed by 1000, 2100 and 5100. Combinations such as these should more accurately represent the functional limits of the device in the hands of average/above average users.

The test was simple. Using paint a box was cut out and then moved back into position. It may seem laughable but aligning your sights on a target in a game, in time enough not to get fragged, is more forgiving at times.

The DPI (sensitivity) used for each box is lighted as they are changed. The mouse operation proves to be smooth and accuracy is top notch but yeah the music is annoying (I can think of nothing more fitting to the task).


If it works then it works. I am the guy that pulls up in the older but huge and over powered SUV and is happy about it. It works.


Laptop keyboard.

Easier than transporting a separate keyboard.


I have the settings on it maxed all the way out. If you bump it just a little the cursor goes flying across the screen. I still do a lot of online gaming so it’s useful for that. I blame my gaming addiction on the original Wolfenstein, my first 486, and my subscription to PC Magazine (back when the magazine was 3 inches thick). That’s when I started building machines and later servers (haven’t stopped). I also used to run competitive Counter Strike servers and have kept up with online gaming ever since. My mouse is configured for that type of use.

I haven’t actually tried lowering the settings even when I use Photoshop. I’ve just grown used to it over time.

I do still miss my BBS forum. The internet was a wonderful place back then. Yes, the amount of stuff that got moved around over those little networks back then was staggering. The programs were so much smaller.


Here is what I use.