What type of keyboard do you use?


Nice basic mechanical… Cool.


Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade from the keyboard that came with my Dell.


Non mechanical with worn keys and no backlight? Squishy keys, awkward feel…

Might be.


My spacebar is getting shiny from how worn it is. Yea, probably about time to upgrade.


How does this look?


That is crazy looking! Is there something special about that blue thing?


Mechanical switch. They feel better and last longer. The keys can be removed, that is the ESC button.


What the heck are you building there…your personal Starship Enterprise? Remember you gotta get the black girl and the gay asian to man the keyboards while you direct them.


Building? This is just part of what I do in my spare time. I write hardware reviews.


Oh I saw the picture of it with one of the keys off and got confused.


Is the keyboard itself metal? From your up-close pic it looks to be.


Aluminum with an ABS base. It is heavy for its size so it will stay still for gaming.


That’s what I was thinking. Would probably double as a good self-defense weapon too if someone snuck up behind you in the middle of playing Overwatch.

Put much use into it yet?


Just getting started. It is a review sample from iXCC and I am trying to get some opinion for the review. Find out what type of keyboards people use and find out what they might need to know or want to know.


Ahh - for me since it’s a gaming keyboard I would say key travel and customizable macros. I don’t want to put a lot of effort into making sure I am pressing the key. The most annoying thing in the world is hitting the key but not actually hitting the key due to lack of force. For that reason I use the Logitech K740.

The PerfectStroke key system distributes typing force evenly across the key surfaces making every keystroke quiet, natural and fluid—even if you strike the edge of a key.


Stop it… your killing me… I almost lost a whole glass of tea on my keyboard… :joy::joy::joy: I swear, sometimes you just can’t get people fired up over a subject… so… tell me… what does it look like under your ESC key???


Isn’t that getting a little personal???


Well… @TekInferno posted a picture of his and even asked for comments…


A perfect example, privacy a thing of the past.


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