What type of keyboard do you use?


Does the light underneath the key actuate when you make a complete press? That’s how it looked in the video. If so, that’s a pretty cool feature.


I will slap up another video soon. This keyboard has several lighting modes but to answer your question, YES.

For these keys (well most mechanical clicky) the click is the sound of the circuit making contact and is the actuation.


Got a question… Since you posted this thread I have been studying the various aspects of the mechanical keyboards and their features. I would certainly never buy a high end one… it would be wasted on me, but I this belkin has been acting up of late and no doubt I will need to replace it. My question is about the ‘clickiness’ (Noisiness) of the various types of mechanical keys. It seems that the Cherry variety come in Red, Blue and Brown… with them being most to least noisy in that order… Is it true. And it would seem that the preference for general keyboarding is for the Blue. What can you tell me about these things. I had a quick look at the ixcc webpage. Doesn’t seem as if Amazon UK is carrying it yet but the price is reasonable…


Last first. Here in the US you can pick this KB up for under 50 bucks.

Click… MX Blue are clicky and the rest only make noise from the impact when the key bottoms out.

O-rings can silence them:


So the colors?.. Well generally Blue is use for clicky but it is not the only color used by all manufacturers. The switches in the iXCC I have here are Outemu Blue.

Some information: https://input.club/the-comparative-guide-to-mechanical-switches/tactile-clicky/

You will be looking for linear switches:
Switch categorization

For our testing we have categorized the switches into three types:

Tactile: Defined as any switch that has a tactile point with no audible feedback.
Tactile + Clicky: Defined as any switch that has a tactile point and an audible feedback.
Linear: Defined as any switch that has no tactile point and no audible feedback.
We also categorized the switches by actuation force:

Light: 0 – 80gfmm
Medium: 80-115gfmm
Heavy: 115gfmm+
Please see our GLOSSARY for more information.

Note: These pages may be continuously updated as manufacturers revise or alter their designs, or as we develop pages for more varieties and categories

You will want one of these switches: https://input.club/the-comparative-guide-to-mechanical-switches/linear/

My main keyboard is a Gigabyte Aivia and it uses Cherry MX red switches. I must say, these switches feel much better.


I like my Logitech wireless keyboard , no messy wires .


That is cool but wires generally give more options and the batteries do not die at an inopportune moment. We have a few wireless keyboards here at the house but none are for working.


Thanks for that primer… For all the reading I did prior to your post, I never picked up on the fact that MX Blue was actually designed to make noise…



So you can see all functions, this is just the base video, no captions.


Here is the review: http://tekinferno.com/TekInferno2/2017/10/25/ixcc-beast-low-cost-competition-razer-blackwidow-x-chroma/


Take a look at the review, in my last post, it may be helpful and explain quite a bit.


Check out the full review 2 posts up.


I love your post so much that… I paraphrased it in the review:

We tried to keep it at 30 pounds, but the other keyboards tested seemed to make that rather hard. Still this one test was shown because of the aluminum front plate on this keyboard. This keyboard can double as a weapon if needed.