What was biggest factor that makes you conservative?


obviously, i am asking this of conservatives


I think I would say: my religion. God knows what I would be today without it…


The Second Amendment , Welfare , immigration , traditional American values , affirmative action, taxes , law and order , and ALL lives matter !!!


Facts, logic and a rational mind. What on earth has religion to do with politics? By using religion, you are no more rational than Islamists.


With $1.2 TRILLION added to the National Debt in fiscal year 2018 it certainly CANNOT be fiscal conservatism.



The US Constitution and the reasoning for its construction… The Declaration of Independence and its rational for rejecting British rule. Both of these things are underpinned by men who, while fallible, through the litmus of a higher being, created our nation of individual governance, liberty and responsibility… And the left just does not get that…


Common sense. Liberalism is a mental disorder. (History shows that to be a fact.) I want no part of it…therefore I choose conservatism.


Taxes - that’s what got me started. I started thinking about how much was getting taken out of my pay and how I had no control over it. It made me so mad. After I saw the difference between gross and net I became a conservative.


If you read the NYTimes article on the Dirty Donald Trump family and how they lied and cheated on their taxes for at least the last 30 years it would be more than sufficient to ensconce them as the nations largest WELFARE RECIPIENTS EVER!!!


You sound jealous !?


Second amendement, immigration, taxes, American values and bringing jobs back to America

Any political party that encourages bringing jobs overseas and flooding our country with unskilled workers from 3rd world locations don’t deserve to step a foot on this land


The takeover of the Democratic party by hardcore leftist psychos. Ideas that would have been laughed at 25 years ago are now mainstream in the DNC. Add to that the religiosity of progressive beliefs, hatred for Christians, hatred for Whites- especially males; hatred for cops, for ICE, etc. It looks a great deal like Islam in that apostates are not just intolerable, but are the targets of hatred and destruction.

The Dems. have become the party of what even in my liberal days, we’d have called simply ‘assholes’.


I totally agree with this. Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Don’t like the laws that allowed him to LEGALLY conduct his business … change them. The tax cut that capped state deductions is one such way to do that… Rich liberals in NY and California are absolutely having a conniption fit. For all these years we have heard how the red states were the welfare recipients… well, seems that liberal states were using state tax deductions to suck every bit of their ‘contribution’ right back to the state… I wonder how they will manage now… Oh, yes… please tell me what state Trump is from? He was clear when he campaigned. As a business man he lobbied and used the available laws to his advantage… as the president and as someone who knows the loopholes, he intends to close them…


Like your echo chamber I see.

I’m not a conservative. My politics are defined on three levels (much like Maslow’s pyramid, but that’s for another day).

At a very basic level, three things: All humans are created equal, belief in science, desire for universal progress of mankind.

Going a bit more specific: rule of law, land of laws not men, adherence to process, respect for differing opinions.

And the top, I want to place LBJ dad’s maxim: Government is there to assist people caught in the tentacles of circumstance.

On economics, I tend towards a bit of fiscal conservatism, in that gov’t should save at boom times to be able to spend during downturns. Not what we’re doing now; turbocharging debt during a massive boom.

Finally, I’m all for evidence-based decision making. We’ve all taken rash emotional decisions at some point in our lives, and can attest that they rarely turn out to be good ideas. Vote with your head, not your prejudices.


Democrats are openly anti American, they don’t even celebrate our traditions. Why not move out. Thats why I switched. I’m American and only want Americans here


What is done legally within the frame of law, is just that, legal.


This asshole…



I worked for everything I have, my needs were ( and are ) simple. I kept a low profile & lived below the radar. I am content & I am conservative. I figured enough is the same as a feast. Still, I hold by: “Beware of the quite man”. I prefer to be left to my own devices.


Kind of difficult to ask a liberal what makes them conservative now isn’t it? While their may be so progressives who call themselves fiscally conservative, what they really mean when you drill down is that they don’t want to cut what is taken away from hard working people, they just want to distribute it differently.

In the secular sense, are all humans created equal? That is a good starting point in understanding the other two in your basic list

With respect to the rule of law, do you think that their is a difference between the words ‘Provide’ and ‘Promote’ as they are used in the preamble to the constitution?

I like the maxim and I would have to say that some commitment by government, if only at the state level, might be warranted but do you think that the results of people pushing those benevolent words have created more harm than good in their results…

With respect to your Keynesian outlook on economics. do you think the the people who met on Jekyll Island had the fiscal discipline of both the US Government and indeeds its population in mind… getting rid of their constrain of a backed currency was always their wish and a credit based society was always their dream.