What was biggest factor that makes you conservative?


We are becoming minorities in cities that our ancestors built


I’ll cut to the chase. The biggest factor is sanity.


of course. But what makes you believe (know) that your views on those topics are better than those of the libs?

I know!

you have an IQ higher than Michael Moore’s!!




religion helps me through life. Religion has quite a bit to do with politics. As someone once said Politics is religion in action

and Jesus is awesome :slight_smile:


they probably get it. They just don’t care. They are an apathetic lot… I think all they really care about is their hedonistic lifestyle… but you know… hedonistic lifestyles have very unpleasant consequences… which is something else they know… but apparently do not care, or do not see the connection (btwn immoral acts and their natural consequences)


yeh, for sure. DC thinks they can spend your money more wisely than you can…

ha ha… that is a seroius JOKE, isn’t it? ('cept no one is laughing)

remember the shrimp on a treadmill? some gov grant to study how shrimp do on a treadmill! Oh, wow… I am sure a lot of people benefited from that one!


I always wanted to know more about that mtg on Jekyll Island… any books you can refer us to?


i can see having compassion on those who do not have what we have here in America. But does that alone give them an excuse to break the law, to be a burglar who breaks in?

i mean, if a burglar broke into your house and demanded your food, demanded you take care of him… ha ha…



So what if I was to argue that it is Allah and not your God that politics should revolve around and that we should be saying Mohammad is awesome? Would my argument be as valid as yours?


Of course not, they have the option to do the correct thing and legally apply to come into our country, the ones that don’t follow the rules should be IMMEDIATELY sent back to where they came from. Easy peasy


Their are numerous books on their creation… The abomination that is the Federal Reserve System… A more recent recollection of their work is T**he Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve** by E Griffin is in its 5th reprint. Doubtless to say that the various conversations that took place their were never really recorded for posterity… but actions, as they say, speak louder than words.



because I have the truth

and the Muslim religion is not the truth (God’s truth, that is)

Truth trumps lies


thanks for the book title… I will look 4 it but wonder if I’ll find it in the local library?

and I have actually heard of that book, but had forgotten it… no spring chicken here :frowning:


What’s the truth? People have been searching for that forever, please enlighten


Jesus said that he is “the way, the TRUTH and the life”

He said that “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”

and or course he said lots of stuff…

He is either God as he said or he is a lying, crazy person. It is up to each of us to choose which one… I have been studying Church history and etc… etc… for a long time and I know that Jesus is real. I have been in Catholic and nonCatholic churches throughout my life and I am Catholic bc that is the Church Christ founded and despite being full of hypocrites and haters and… etc… etc… well, Jesus’s actual (tangible) Presence still abides there in the Church he founded centuries ago… Mt 28:20… Jn 6:27…

I would not believe the Bible (would not tend to believe all of it) if it were not for Jesus’s tangible Presence in the Catholic Church


Most religion’s have a leader that tells it followers that they are the bringer of light, that if you follow them and obey their instructions you will be gifted a glorious afterlife. I’m not trying to cause problems but how do you know without a doubt Jesus and the bible is the correct path rather than any of the other thousands of religion’s? I bet if you were brought up in Afghanistan you would be saying the exact same thing about Mohammed. Do you understand where I’m coming from? How does anyone known without a doubt their beliefs are correct? 1 in 1000 you are correct


well, again, i have spent time in the Real Presence. I don’t know why more Catholics don’t talk about that… They are rather wimpy, it seems… scared of persecution but Jesus promised persecution for thos who follow him…

All i can say to your question is to spend time there yourself. I was going through a rough patch yrs ago and a good priest (might not be too many of those… but not referring to pedophilia!) told me about the Real Presence. I was raised Catholic but had not been taught about the Real Presence… so this priest, I thank God for him… so when I am going through hard times, I go to a Church and just sit there and listen… and I cannot tell you exactly what happens there… it is mysterious and hard to put into words… but one thing I CAN tell you is that my problems seem to disappear there. True, they come back soon after leaving his presence, but… there is way more to being there than just geting a temporary vacation from problems… again, hard to explain what is mysterious and supernatural. And some Churches where the priest is not sincere… maybe Jesus has all but left… i don’t know… but anyway… there are some good Churches…


Funny story (to me at least). I spent a ton of time in my teen years deciding if I was going to be a republican or a democrat when I registered. I researched it, thought about it, read tons of articles, watched several speeches. The day I could finally register, I was like where do I select my party identification. The woman said, “Oh we don’t do that in this state.”


While many are indeed snared in a situation they could neither forsee or avoid even with prescience (industrial accidents, certain non lifestyle related diseases), there are far more for whom Oscar Wilde opined:

“Circumstances don’t make the man; they reveal him.”

Unfortunately, liberals today see all of life’s bad choices as magically no fault because they ignore causation (that would be heartless) and only focus on the current situation - demanding that those who had a bit less fun and planned their lives - pay for any and all mitigation.

Liberals are good hearted, as long as they themselves needn’t sacrifice.


According to Muslims they have the truth and you’re just a kafir. You’re an idiot and no better than them.