What was biggest factor that makes you conservative?


It would be the most responsible thing we could do for Americans if we just took away party affiliation at the ballot box and in my opinion on ads as well… Then people would start listening to the words and not pulling the lever for the one marked ‘R’, ‘D’, or ‘I’…


new yorK?


According to the KKK they have the truth and you’re just a [whatever]. You’re an idiot and no better than them.

just giving your own words back to you with a few minor changes

anyhow… yeh… if one person believes A and another believes B and only one of the 2 (A or B but not both) is the truth

well, there you go…


I will always vote R against D

it’s a no brainer. I don’t have to listen to Ds anymore than I already have…

(most of us don’t like listening to the sound of fingernails on the chalkboard)


The point I was trying to make is that the 80% of the country who couldn’t name the first president of the United States or for that matter the current vice president would actually have to start paying attention. I to vote R over D but that is just a statistic… I actually know the named of the people I vote for and why.


Basic common sense, free market, free speech and the belief that we take responsibility for our families and our own actions. We are entitled only to that which we have worked for, and that no one else is entitled to the fruits of my labour


If there was any real evidence, the IRS would have had his arse years ago


yes, i guess i was momentarily unmindful of the poeple who are not like me… which is just about everyone, but in any case, yeh, you are right, we have to think of those people who don’t know much but vote anyway…

I was once there, i hate to say… but I was under 20, so … that explains it


i am a Republican who does not go by this philosophy all the time… because there really are people in this country who cannot do much for themselves bc of disabilities and etc… However, I know that most disabled people can do some kind of work. It’s just that a lot of employers don’t want to hire them, don’t want to deal with their “issues” or whatever accomodations they need (and the system is set up to make people not want to work… they think they will lose a lot if they do, etc…)


You’re right and everyone else around the world is wrong; no reasoning needed. :rofl: It is the likes of you who give Americans a bad name. And you wonder why the rest of the world laughs at you.


laugh away. I still have the truth. I never said I was right and everyone else wrong but I guess honesty is not your forte

I notice how you dodged that A and B thing… kind of hard to address simple logic and argue with it…


The question asked was " What was biggest factor that makes you conservative?"

I didn’t say anything about taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves, but equally I don’t believe that welfare should be a lifestyle choice either,


What A and B thing? KKK? Yes, you can substitute that. You can also substitute Hindu or Buddism. So in your little world, there is only Christianity. That is logic?
Moron. I think I’ve had enough of this place. It’s a fucking asylum.


Freedom! I have always felt the left wanted to limit the bill of rights.


Ye Olde Dominion…


the &^%$# government makes dependency too easy… The govt is responsible for making this lifestyle you speak of possible. it is up to the govt (and We the Voters) to change things… Disabled people can do some jobs… But we cannot dismiss them and refuse to care for their special needs just because of some ideology that says all people should work any kind of job and take any job even if it makes their disability worse or whatever… or they are bums undeserving of help… and frankly I think a lot of Republicans think that way… They seem to think that all are equal in ability to GET a flippin job… NOT so


you always FELT…???

I have always KNOWN that… It is beyond obvious at this point… They are loony, esp if they think Americans are going to go for the libs’ toss the Constitution out the window bs


You are conflating two different things, those who can’t and those who can’t be bothered. Those who can’t, need our support. The Democrats have for decade engendered a entitled, victimhood and “no personal responsibility” mentality, especially among the less well off. They need to create dependency on the state and in doing so they can exert more control, as is required under any socialist regime. Single black parenthood has mushroomed under Democrat policies


I dont believe in anyone being dependent on the govt. but we don’t live in a perfect world. That said, weshould work on making things better… which doesn’t seem like a high bar at all… things are BAD right now… meaning: the govt (again) makes dependency… well, it’s like a drug… addictive. The Dems as you say make this kind of lifestyle seem like the only way… and you know… it pretty much is the only way, or virtually the only way for some people… It may not look like it to those who have always had $$$ and resources (and a support system) but govt dependency is a TRAP that is not easy to get out of… and as you imply, the Dems like this trap. Almost all who are dependent on govt feel they have to vote Dem in order to keep their lifestyle, but it is not always bc they are lazy or irresponsible but because they are STUCK. Some may not be a stuck or trapped as others --a nd yet if a person FEELS he (she) is… same thing


I agree with you that these federal programs create dependency and as is clearly shown by the way the programs were designed which alienated the father from the home, harmful to health functioning families. I remember one case where a hotel in New York state was taken over as a ‘temporary’ home for women with children. Firstly either the father left due to lack of responsibility or were driven from the home by welfare rules that forced him out. On top of that, these women found that their was no halfway proposition in the rules. If they earned any amount of money at all, they were removed from the accommodations. No way could they move themselves to a different place because they were given no time to build a living income. These design ‘flaws’ are clear yet the left continue to design programs that create these kinds of incentive traps that lead to absolute dependency.

Having said all of that, the biggest problem is that these programs are federally based. To my way of thinking the constitution does not give the federal government jurisdiction over these kinds of social problems but the left have distorted the meaning of ‘PROMOTE the general welfare’ to the point where it resides directly along side the primary responsibility (also vastly abused) of ‘PROVIDE for the common defense’.

Lets remember that before Great Society funding actually made its way into the system, ‘poverty’ was in freefall from almost 50% to around 10% and the poverty rate has actually stabilized at a point higher than that… Black unemployment was considerably lower before Great Society and at the same time state and community charity seemed to fill in the hunger gaps well and their was actually a network of charity hospitals for the indigent… Obama managed to shudder the last one in New Orleans during his tenure.

The US federal government was never meant to be the provider of last resort nor was it EVER suppose to dictate and regulate the moral and social direction of the individuals of the various states.