What was biggest factor that makes you conservative?


Whilst I agree with a lot of what you have said, the bit that is missing is “personal responsibility”. We are responsible for our own actions or indeed, the lack of them. “STUCK” is only a failure to take positive action


thanks for all this info, esp the story about the old hotel.

It really burns me when I think of how the libs do this kind of thing purposefully, to keep people dependent on the govt.

the saddest thing of all is that society in general then looks down on such people, as though it is ALL their fault they are perpetually needy… these *&^%$ programs promote dependency, as you say… Of course they made the people move out as soon as they got a job! Of course… and then we are suprised when people FEAR getting work?

these morally vacuous people (using the term People loosely) do this deliberately… I used to wonder about it, whether it w as on purpose, but no more


You see I word things the way I do to try and stimulate conversation. You do not want to shut down the conversation, if there can be one, before it starts?


actually, i kind of would like to shut it down bc I don’t like talking to people who make no sense…

i would like all libs to just go away… not so much everyday American libs who just don’t think too deeply… would accept a conveersation with them… but those crazy far left morons who accept partial birth abortion and open borders… t hey are out to lunch


What makes me conservative?

Preserving our Constitution as in original intentions.


hm…somewhat ironically…my caring for every individual and wanting the best for them, not just a certain demographic.

For example, I want people to keep more in their pockets.
I want people to be safe.
I want unborn children to have a future.
I want prosperity for everyone, for everyone to be the best they can be.

It’s just the way that I go about it differs from that of a liberal. However, this may be the reason why i lean Liberal/Libertarian on some issues (like medical marijuana and big pharma, mental health) that may help some individuals.

Additionally, I believe in the Constitution. I’m very “by the book,” and I think that the Constitution was the greatest government document that was ever created. The founders had incredible insight into potential issues. People need to do their job and do it right.

So to sum it up…Compassion, Liberty, Integrity, and Practicality are the main ideals that make me Conservative.


this was a good read

so you are pro life?

I think most Libertarians are not… :frowning:


I am indeed, pro-life. For many reasons- both political and personal.


I like freeeeeeeedom


would u care to share? (the not too personal stuff)



I’m pro-life because I believe that everyone should have a future, even those who cannot speak.
I’m pro-life because no one deserves to die for the actions of another person- that decision should be left up to God, not another person.
I’m pro-life because I believe that everyone should have a voice, even those who cannot speak for themselves.
I’m pro-life because my mother told me I should have been aborted, and I realized, that no one deserves to die.
I’m pro-life because it is backed by medical research and science.
I’m pro-life because I care about the lives and the pain/suffering of everyone, including the unborn.
I’m pro-life because I want to go into the medical field.
I’m pro-life because even unwanted unborn puppies/kittens are treated better than unwanted humans.
I’m pro-life because no one deserves to be treated as a second-class citizen, no matter how far they are in development.
I’m pro-life because I care.


Some Libertarians would argue that abortion violates the NAP. But I’m guessing that they are pro-choice partially because they are being flooded with An-Coms who are getting more and more extreme.


that was beautiful… broght tears to my eyes… which is a rare thing for me… very rare…

these are all the reasons I am pro life, with maybe something added… Oh wait, you did add the part about God… Now, i am not saying all Americans should be coerced in any way into believing in God, but you know, even if you don’t believe in Him… there are many answers on your post that do not reference God at all… like the notion that everyone has a right to live his or her life…

I think that many dems miss that… because they want to miss it, i guess… [roll eyes smiley inserted here]

anyone who already exists has the right to continue doing so… It’s in the Constitution (“Right to life, liberty…”)

I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks like that here… :slight_smile:


Many of us would like them to go away but we must change hearts and minds. Do not fear the conversation unless you fear that your stance may not be the best stance (That is a generalization not directed at you, that you is directed at all readers.).


Know your facts, stick to the facts, insist on empirical evidence from the other side and you have nothing to fear.


Facts and data can be viewed many ways.

The more guns in a given area the higher the level of firearm death.

A higher legal gun ownership rate helps deter crime in areas with higher ownership rates. Lower >crime rates from more legally owned guns.

Both can be pulled from the same data set.


Hence why I said “know your facts”, but both statements would lead me to ask for the raw data and the source of the data. We don’t ask for enough evidential proof from the other side. Most things can be taken out of context, but it is incumbent on us to ask more searching questions from the socialists, snowflakes and virtue signallers (Democrats)


this would make me conservative if nothing else ever did:

looking @ the bizarre behavior of the Left… as chronicled by Fox News on a regular basis.

I mean, it’s just insane how they act when they dont get their way


I bet you think religion is some silent prayer. For many, prayer is only one aspect of their religion. LIVING their beliefs is action. And laws prohibit actions. And politicians make laws. And activists judges interpret the constitution and laws. So we have today a situation where a high school football coach is considered by our laws to be an extension of Congress and prohibited from bowing his head or praying on the field since it is the equivalent of Congress establishing a religion.


Probably a combination of the church I was raised in and the fact I was taught from my earliest days that I was entitled to nothing I didn’t earn.

Combine that with the fact all of the people I looked up to growing up were conservative and it was a pretty natural evolution on my part.