What was he thinking?


SEOUL, April 23 (Yonhap) – A former Korean-American professor was arrested in North Korea last week, becoming the third U.S. citizen to be detained by the communist country as of late, according to sources Sunday.

The U.S. citizen, identified only by his surname Kim, was arrested by North Korean authorities on Friday at Pyongyang International Airport on his way out of the country, said the sources, who asked not to be named.

Kim, a former professor at the Yanbian University of Science and Technology in his late 50s, has been engaged in aid and relief programs to North Korea.

He reportedly was in the North for about a month to discuss relief activities. The reason for his arrest was not clear.

The detainment is the latest in a series of American nationals being arrested in North Korea. Two other U.S. citizens – college student Otto Warmbier and Korean-American pastor Kim Dong-chul – are also currently detained in the North after being sentenced to long prison terms for what Pyongyang calls subversive acts against the country.

Ahn Chan-il, director of the World North Korea Research Center in Seoul, said that the North “seems to be intending to use professor Kim as leverage in negotiations” amid the current bad relations between the two countries.

The National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s spy agency, said it “was not aware” of Kim’s arrest.

Since 2009, over 10 U.S. citizens have been detained in North Korea on charges of anti-state and other unspecified crimes. The widespread view has been that Pyongyang uses the detentions as bargaining chips in its negotiations with Washington.





Any American willingly traveling into North Korea is asking for it. Capturing an American is a bargaining chip for the fat kid. The more he captures, the more leverage he has in negotiations.


Next up, the place for help to the US government.


I hope the Trump administration doesn’t give in. We used to have a policy of non-negotiation with terrorists and that is how we need to look at and classify North Korea. They are a terrorist regime. I know that went out the window with the Obama administration, specifically with Iran, but its time that we reinstate some sanity to the process and stiffen up our backbone as a country. The people who traveled there knew the risks and decided to make the trip anyway. That’s their problem. It shouldn’t diminish our ability to negotiate with the North Koreans or compel them to take actions that they don’t want to take.


I have no sympathy for these people who drive past homeless American veterans on the way to the airport to fly off to foreign countries to help people who they have no connections with. They want to be in North Korea so bad helping? Good. Let them stay there.