What Were The Odds


That our Founding Fathers - that such genius surfaced at that moment in time? In a few hundred yeras, a fledgling country became the most powerful & wealthiest nation in recorded history.


I think that they were the right men for the right time. When you read the entire Declaration of Independence though you will see that these men had a lot of issues with the British and a rebellion was only a matter of time. Thank God we had these great thinkers leading it. Anyone else, and the revolution might have been crushed.


Here’s the plan your Majesty; our troops will wear bright red uniforms, march in formation, and beat drums. The colonists will sit behind trees & rocks with long guns, with rifled barrels, made by German gunsmiths.


Only to go into decline following.


Kinda funny that they proudly called themselves liberals and sons of liberty, back when liberalism stood for the fight vs british tyranny and not the crap show ot is now.


Yes! I love Freemasonic Liberals too <3 I hope Freemasons create more countries!