What Will Mueller Uncover?


Well you may deflect if you wish, but the Trump family won’t have that option.


How long is Mueller been at now? No reports of a Smoking Gun anywhere. The only thing concrete that I’ve heard so far is that Samantha Power was illegally unmasking the names of Americans on a daily basis. Care to pontificate on that?


If there are to be smoking guns, this will not come out until the investigation is complete. Unless you’re advocating for leaks. And by the way, this is a massive undertaking that unfortunately could last a couple years.


Yet we have crimes perpetrated by the Obama Administration that are going unpunished right now.


I remember when the democons are crying because of the cost of the Benghazi investigation.

Not a word said of the cost of Mueller’s investigation from the government, democrats or the media.

Hypocrites one and all.


This is old news… #nevertrumpers were on this early last month… as if removing Mueller would stop the ‘investigation’ any more than removing Comey… Comey was a bad actor and needed to be removed… I don’t know about Mueller but it seems to me that their are a few in the justice department and the FBI that could use some scrutiny…



I think if their were any even remotely obviously obtainable ‘smoking guns’ they would have already been leaked… the only thing left is some deep financial interests that would disclose a pattern of wrong doing… but then again, Trump could just say he didn’t do anything knowingly or intentionally wrong and that should fix everything … No?


If that’s true, then the TIC should instruct his AG/justice department to prosecute them. Why is that so difficult?


Trump has of late belled up to the bar with people who haven’t played well with him and I just wonder what pressures are there… Their is a lot of secrets in Washington… Even if no one in this circle has done anything wrong…Trump loves his family


Don’t you know how things work right now? If Trump tells Sessions to do something, there will end up being a leak and the leak will be spun in a certain way by the press to make it look like Trump is pressuring his Attorney General to do something improper.

Trump should have loaded his entire cabinet up with people from outside the Beltway. There’s still time to fix that.


So you’re suggesting that Sessions would leak to hurt Trump? I’ve got an idea, if you want justice, then you install someone with a history of following the law, not a politician.


Yeah but our crack FBI and DOJ are busy putting college basketball assistant coaches in chains over sneakers.

Get yer priorities straight Clutch.


Exactly. The FBI swoops down from the sky and starts prosecuting members of the NCAA. But they can’t do the same to Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Powers, Comey, Clapper, Mueller, and all the rest. I’m sick of Barry’s stormtroopers. I really thought DJT could fix this. Maybe the swamp is cement.


You could have at least named the republicans that are deserving of prosecution as well. God damn partisan bullshit sucks you people. How about locking up all the crooks, and not just the ones with a d behind their names?


Name them… Their are 3 congressional investigations and 1 special council scouring records of people for what appears to be a decade or more in the past looking for anything to connect the dots… even remotely, not only to Russia but working relations with any other foreign power… This is every official trump ever reported. Of course you want to hang Bush… everybody wants a piece of Bush. I have exactly one piece of ‘evidence’… Bush’s ghost writer said… :roll_eyes: The only person I would like to see face real scrutiny is Dick Chaney over Halliburton’s many contracts in Iraq. The entire torture issue is one that while Obama appears not to have used (he liked drones too much) rather than investigate, he pardoned Bush.

But anyway back to the topic… I think that if all were known, the Obama administration would be considered the most corrupt administration perhaps going all the way back to Ulysses S Grant. No way can you go into an administration and name all of the key players (I added to @ZED’s list) …(Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Powers, Comey, Clapper, Holder, Napolitano, Chu , Wasserman Schultz, etc etc ) and be able to point to specific charges of wrong doing against each and every one of them They say that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Another apropos saying: If you hang out with yard dogs, you WILL get fleas…and it would appear that the whole Obama administration need flea collars… or at least ankle bracelets…

Oh yeah… lets not forget that there are serious concerns that the IRS’s may have actually affected the 2012 election.


All will never be known.

As the first half black president, he gets a giant pass and of course a get out of jail free card.

Isn’t the media wonderful pursuing any and every potential lead including fake information against a president and totally pretending another has done no wrong.


Isn’t the TIC in charge of the FBI now, IF…what you say is true, why do you think that is?


Thats a pretty silly question given the rain of fire he receive for doing his job…


Nineteen GOP Congressmen Call For Hearings on Mueller to “Bring His Team Out of the Shadows”

What took them so goddamn long. Mueller and his team of liberal hacks can go kick rocks.


And not a word on how much he has spent to date in his witch hunt

Next up interviewing trumps 3rd grade teacher