What Would Progressive Tax Reform Look Like?


When will people realize that business pays no tax?

Taxes like labor and materials, facilities, utilities are a cost of doing business. All costs are passed on to the consumer in the price you pay for goods and services.

As to taxes, until government addresses how government spends our money, government will always require more in taxes. A laughable part as they remove over half of taxpayers from the tax rolls.

Why is it ok for most people to pay state and local taxes yet half not pay federal income tax?


The comparison is a bit strained. in 1950 we had 140 million people in the US, and NO welfare, SNAP, AFDC, EBT - and fifty other money drains. The average American family had one car, a black and white TV and a radio. These were all produced here in the US, by companies unfettered by regulation of almost any sort.

There were factories that belched out huge amounts of pollution, and everyone prospered while shortening their lives. That tax fraction did not exist in a vacuum; companies factored those taxes into the price of those products.

I don’t want filthy air, or water. Unfortunately all that will happen if the left has its way, is that more and more companies will ‘Apple’ off to whatever the current tax haven is.