What's going on at the PBS playground?


First Charlie, now Smiley? Say it ain’t so!


No, first it was O’reilly.


NO , first BILL CLINTON !!! shrug , quack ,quack …:wink::wink::wink:


I’m thinking Woody Allen, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski were more notable and earlier…


Oh Yeah…Him too ! :grin:


He was given a 5 minute STANDING OVATION and an Academy Award by the morally bankrupt Hollywood elite !


But of course. This whole, ‘were serious about sexual abuse’ thing is a witch hunt that is going to ruin the lives of a lot of people because no one is throwing one ounce of skepticism towards the accusers. Of course the left smell blood over this issue but if I were Trump I would stand fast… If Bill Clinton can get away with perjury and willfully discrediting his accusers. Non of the women coming forward ever raised claims to that level… and its a bit late to throw Clinton under the bus just to claim a political scalp now…


They are selective about these things you know…


And they remained silent for 20 years allowing it to continue to up and coming new talent , and now they pretend to really care , give me a fucking break ! That’s the liberals at their best !!!


Just set up a private corporation for Big Bird and NOVA and cancel everything else.


Politically, self-proclaimed feminist Tavis Smiley pandered to women. Behind closed doors he apparently harassed them. Show me a grandstanding lefty, I’ll show you a lying hypocrite.


Every evening for two straight hours we were being preached to by these serial abusers.

And it was on our dime. Fire the administrators who enabled this in the short run. Close up NPR and PBS by the end of this coming year.


Not going to happen, nor should it.


You’re right they may not be closed down, but they should be restructured. NPR is National Public Radio which means conservatives have to pay to be ridiculed by heavy breathing soft talking liberals. Liberals wouldn’t stand for that if the roles were reversed so why should conservatives? I’d be fine with NPR and PBS only providing fact-based objective reporting. No issues there. I do have issues with the blatant political bias that gets pushed down our throats…that we’re paying for.


Very well, that’s a whole different deal.


I’m not sure how you do that… The BBC is a primary example… the hold a gun to everyone’s head that has a TV or a computer and force a license fee on them. They are most certainly bias in their coverage of things like Brexit and the Israeli/Palestinian issue… They pompom wave for the teachers union and only present cases reference the NHS that are against any kind of privatization… their is considerable pushback against their ability to extract money from tv viewers but their is a ‘certain’ group of people who always defend their culture and intellectual programing…


I think that restructuring starts at the top by removing all Executives currently in place. We know our elected officials will never get rid of a government program once it’s created. So why not use that against them? Okay you can keep PBS and NPR, but this is how, we the taxpayer, expect them to operate going forward.


Right, non partisan. Not just a switch from a left bias to a right bias.


Charlie Rose was replaced by Christiana A, another CNN clone, on New York’s PBS channel 13.

Close them down. Let the free market determine what’s on the tube. We have about four hundred channels now so who would miss it if the few quality programs on PBS were distributed among them.

Sell the good stuff off and close shop.


When it’s someone else, you get to morally preen, and tut-tut about the accusations and treat their life like a spectator sport…But when it’s you, it’s not funny eh, Tavis?