When No Is Not An Acceptable Answer At The Moment


Warning… watch the video at your own risk…


She could have defecated outside of the restaurant and it would be perfectly legal … in some cities. Oh no they dont discriminate against the homeless and the mentally ill, you see.


I keep reading stories about people shitting on the floor all over the country are they putting something in the water?


For someone with a fart fetish, That’s hot, reminds me of two girls one cup. Nothing like having a woman (or trap) drop a Hot Carl on you, or having a a nice tight bubble of air squeezed off in your mouth. I’d just inhale it like a shot of albuterol.


A woman who was reportedly denied access to the restroom at a Canadian Tim Hortons restaurant on Wednesday decided to go anyway — right on the floor in front of staff, customers and a surveillance camera.


The topics on Feeebird have certainly obtained a wider scope over the past few months. Oh well, such is the world today that we have dedicated experts in so many various fields of endeavor.